The Wanderer


Combo is a keyword found on many Ninja attack action cards. If Katsu has managed to sequence his attacks correctly, the combo is enabled and each attack will gain an effect and power buff. When the first attack action card hits, utilize Katsu’s hero ability to fill the missing gap in the combo chain!

Katsu, the Wanderer
Surging Strike (1)
Descendent Gustwave (1)
Bonds of Ancestry (1)

The combo mechanic only works when the cards are played in sequence one after another on the same combat chain. Make sure you don’t break up your combo sequence with attacks that aren’t part of the combo, such as attacking with your weapons mid-combo, or playing/activating a non-attack action mid-combo, which would close the combat chain.

Harmonized Kodachi
Blossom of Spring
Nimblism (3)

Go Again

Go again is a keyword found on many cards in Flesh and Blood, but no class utilizes it as well as the Ninja.

Masters of agility, Ninjas use go again to make defending though, as the opponent is left guessing what attack may be coming next on the combat chain.

Attacking multiple times allows you to push damage through the opponent's defenses by going ‘wide’. If the opponent wants to defend all the attacks a Ninja throws at them, they will have very few cards left in hand to mount a counter-attack on their own turn.

Like the Wind

Katu’s attacks are nimble and small, but don’t let size deceive you. Having 0 cost cards in Katsu’s deck allows him to turn on Harmonized Kodachi’s go again effect and utilize his hero ability, finding the missing pieces to complete his combo chains. When your attack action card hits, a 0 cost card in your hand becomes any combo card in your deck!

Be Like Water (1)
Recoil (1)
Flic Flak (1)
Harmonized Kodachi

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