Dracai of Aether

Greatness deserves to be remembered. Champions of Flesh and Blood professional events are immortalized on each hero’s Legend page, forever etched into the history of the game for those who follow.

The most successful heroes in the game will ultimately achieve Living Legend Status.

November 27th, 2021

Pietro Gerletti and Kano, Dracai of Aether burnt the Italian metagame to the ground and certainly had the world’s attention as the Wizard had not been a hero frequently seen at the top tables throughout the 2021 Nationals season. Pietro had been honing his arcane skills for quite some time before stirring the aetherwinds at Nats and teaching more than a few lessons in lava. Practice, persistence and perseverance paid off and through incredibly powerful plays thanks to standout cards like Forked Lighting, Blazing Aether, three copies of Tome of Fyendal and many arcane actions in between, Pietro Gerletti became the Italy 2021 National Champion!

Pietro Gerletti Kano Deck Italy National Championship 27.11.21