A young lieutenant in the Hand of Sol, Dorinthea Ironsong has dedicated her life to defending the people of Solana. Once, her kind heart and natural curiosity lead her to question her elders, forgoing the orders of her superiors in favour of following her heart. Yet her brash actions put the party in danger, and her fellow knights paid for her mistake with their lives. Thea has since learned to follow the wisdom of Sol in all aspects of her life, vowing to honour the memory of those that were lost that fateful day.

Thea is a formidable opponent on the battlefield, a prodigy swordswoman who uses both skill and strategy to her advantage. Wielding the Dawnblade, she is graceful and nimble, darting past her opponent’s defenses to make every attack count.

Hero Highlights


Warriors are masters of close combat, in their prime engaged steel to steel. Reprise is an effect that is turned on when the opponent defends with a card from their hand, capturing the concept of the warrior being engaged. The word reprise is inspired by the fencing maneuver to strike again immediately after being defended, and an ode to Thea's "Ironsong" heritage, being the repetitive song of a blacksmith; metal striking metal.

The Dawnblade

A masterful swordsman with a special affinity to Dawnblade, Dorinthea's ability alone is able to unlock its power. The centerpiece of the Dorinthea deck, when Dawnblade grows in power, it takes control of the battlefield.

Spread the Light

Take up the mantle of the proud warrior, and join the ranks of the Hand of Sol. With the blessings of the light and the faith of your people, it is up to you to protect the innocent, and spread the word of Sol across Rathe. You are a representative of Solana, the Hand of Sol, and it is your sworn duty to help others see the light.

Embrace the Dawn

Dorinthea Ironsong

Dorinthea is the hero from Welcome to Rathe designed around her weapon and designed to play the game in the reaction window. It's the threat of "the possible" that a great Dorinthea player must employ to outsmart the enemy. Dorinthea's hero effect allows you to by-pass the "Once per Turn" clause of Dawnblade, but you still need an action point to attack with Dawnblade an additional time.


She listened to her heart and it lead to tragedy. Now she must redeem herself.


The sword that chose her, Dawnblade and Dorinthea are one. Dawnblade is the centerpiece of the Dorinthea deck, with most of her cards revolving around growing Dawnblade by attacking multiple times in the same turn.

Braveforge Bracers

Never shy from combat, bravery must be forged into the spirit of a noble warrior. The legendary Braveforge Bracers rewards those who do not yield. Swing once, and swing again until the enemy is vanquished!

Refraction Bolters

A key piece to the Dawnblade plan. Refraction Bolters allows you to give Dawnblade 'go again' after it hits, so you can attack an additional time with your radiant blade.

Steelblade Supremacy

With the swing of her sword, Dorinthea's signature move has the power to swing the game in your favour. Steelblade Supremacy's effect lasts for the entire turn, meaning you draw a card each time you hit with Dawnblade!

Glint the Quicksilver

A master swordsman is attuned to using every detail to their advantage. The angling of the blade to reflect the beaming sun can be the unexpected edge that opens up the enemy for the winning strike.

Singing Steelblade

When Dorinthea stood before the thousands of meticulously crafted artifacts for her awakening ceremony, to the surprise of all, every sword in the room rose into the air, swirling and dancing in harmony, filling the room with their iron song. However, there was one song that resonated with Dorinthea. She raised her hand, and Dawnblade gently came to settle in her palm.

Glistening Steelblade

A young warrior must hone her skills until she becomes a true force to be reckoned with.

Chorus of Ironsong

As you fight alongside your allies, the battlefield shall tremble at the thunderous sound of your war cries.