Data Doll


Buried deep beneath Iron Assembly headquarters there lies a vast, secret chamber. Inside rests Data Doll, a steam-powered automaton delicately suspended by a web of wires and hoses. Night and day, her pneumatic mind surges with an influx of data reported from all across Metrix. Her purpose: to provide pertinent data to the Iron Assembly’s most elite members. These select few jealously guard the secret of Data Doll’s existence; afraid that the key to their copiously cognizant intelligence network might be discovered. Compliant as ever, Data Doll obeys them without complaint and with all the cold, calculated accuracy of the Assembly itself.

Data Doll compiles massive quantities of data in order to provide her users with up-to-date intelligence. To meet this demand, Data Doll learned to do something entirely new for an automaton: she began to ask questions.

“What were this person’s motives?”

“Who were their associates?”

At first, these questions simply served to increase the quality of Data Doll’s information. She was comprehensive, thorough and more succinct. In time though, Data Doll discovered her own question.

“Who am I?”

This question led her down the slow, error-ridden path of existential pondering. Logic algorithms failed again and again until finally she realized that logic would not suffice. Looking inward then, she unveiled other entirely new things: her own thoughts, her own feelings, self-awareness.

Now, Data Doll discovers new questions every day, and aggregates data from agents across the city and beyond to answer them. All the while, she performs her duties for the Iron Assembly without fail and never lets on how she has changed. However, she is steadily increasing her reach and her confidence is growing. It’s only a matter of time before someone notices.

When her network of contacts suggest that dark days are on the horizon for Metrix, Data Doll sees an opportunity to gather new data and ask new questions. Patiently, she observes from afar and prepares for the chaos to come...

Hero Highlights

Ghost in the Shell

From concept to creation. Whatever technology passes through Data Doll's processor can be reverse engineered, and replicated by this advanced automaton. Construct a deck with plenty of boost cards to get the Furnace Heart working overtime, and you'll soon see the latest mech tech rolling off the production line.

More Than Meets the Eye

Data Doll MKII

A one-of-a-kind, steam-powered automaton, Data Doll compiles massive quantities of data in order to provide her users with up-to-date intelligence from across the city of Metrix.

Viziertronic Model i

In a well run production facility, everything has its place, and the place for items is on the top of your deck ready to be boosted into the arena!


01110101 01101110 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 01101110

Dissipation Shield

With an intellect of 3, Data Doll doesn't want to be defending with cards from hand, making Dissipation Shield a key card to keep the opponents offense in check. For other Mechanologist heroes, Dissipation Shield can seem costly. When Data Doll assembles it for free, it's just good value!

Teklo Pounder

Lay the smack down with the latest Teklo rig upgrade. Whether your pitching Teklo Pounder for max resources, or putting into the arena for free with Data Dolls ability, this piece of mech tech is always great value.

Hyper Driver

The processor must be overclocked in order to achieve maximum efficiency of tasks. Gain resources with your Boost cards to ensure that all tasks can be completed.

Teklovossen's Workshop

Organize the upcoming heap of memory to ensure that all threaded asynchronous messages are executed, while consuming as little RAM as possible. Null pointers are not acceptable!

Zero to Sixty

Boost cards are the key that gets the Data Doll engine started, and none are better than the free to play Zero to Sixty. Hitting an item on boost is so much value, not only giving you a free card, but doing so at the cost of zero resources or action points!

Zoom In

Rapidly filter the information pouring it from across the grid, and find the targets your looking for with Zoom In. The perfect script to optimize operations of your Foundry Heart.

Teklo Foundry Heart

This is the engine room of the Data Doll deck. Not only does it generate resource points, you get to put the items it banishes straight into the arena!