Star of the Show

It's been years since the skirmish at the Fractal Scar, and the call to arms you answered that fateful day. As the charismatic and handsome ringmaster of the Legendarium, your time (in-between shows) had been well spent honing your newfound power, the power of the Flow that now coursed within your veins!

But everywhere you looked, the Everfest was rocking, and the patrons were having a blast! The shadows of that day, it seemed, had melted away.

Every ruckus you hear, just the sound of a drunken patron. Every bang, every explosion, a wayward firework or a poorly barrelled keg. The roar of the crowd, the anticipation of the encore, and the exhilaration of the finale is almost enough to coax you back into a life of joyful carelessness. A life of comfort that you knew all too well.

Except for these rainbow strands of the Flow that coursed through your veins, within them you felt an ancient calling, and the weight of many solemn oaths. They whispered gently beside your ears, reminding you of a looming threat that is yet to be revealed.

Until one day, at long last, an oddball party of misfits arrived at your doorstep.

And the rest, as they say, is...

Bravo TBC

Hero Highlights

Elemental Confluence

Is Bravo the chosen one? The first hero for an eon to embody the Flow and with it the 3 primary elements that course through the land of Aria. Awaken the elements of Earth, Ice, and Lightning, to unleash Bravo's most spectacular performance yet!

Take Center Stage

Folk flock from all across Rathe to see the Star of the Show take center stage at the Everfest carnival. With the biggest acts and attacks in all of Flesh and Blood, Bravo never disappoints his fans.

The Biggest Show in Town!

Bravo, Star of the Show

The one, the only, Star of the Show! Adored by fans across the world of Rathe, Bravo always puts on the biggest show in town!

Crippling Crush

Leave 'em speechless with Bravo's jaw-dropping signature move!


The BIGGEST attack in Flesh in Blood!

Macho Grande

Always looking to please the crowds that flock to the Everfest carnival, Bravo never misses a good opportunity to flex his muscles.


Awaken and unleash the most spectacular series of attacks in combination with Bravo's hero ability. Crush your opponent with back to back whopper attacks fueled by a mountain of Seismic Surges.

Pulse of Candlehold

Harness the elements of Earth and Lightning, pulsing from the heart of Candlehold.

Pulse of Isenloft

Harness the elements of Earth and Ice pulsing from the summit of Mt Isen.

Pulse of Volthaven

Harness the elements of Ice and Lightning pulsing from the skyborne city of Volthaven.