Solitary Confinement

No-one escapes Southmaw. No-one except Patient 1413.

The feral orphan, taken and tormented to the point of no return. The silent prodigy transformed into an expression of graceful violence.

Having crawled out from the most wretched recesses of the Pits, and again from the test tube of teknocratic greed, Patient 1413 has shed their past like a slurry scorpion sheds its carapace.

No longer the lab rat for the Iconoclast Trials, subjected to the poisonous experiments of a mad scientist. No longer the puppet on Metrixian strings.

Serving the nest as Arakni and regarded throughout the Pits as the Huntsman, they care nothing for the petty squabbles infecting the minds of Rathe’s denizens, nor the sweaty dealings of contract and coin. The work is their life and their life is the work.

Their instincts revived and rewired, they have become a weapon of sharpened mind and polished purpose, unsheathed of morality or conscience.

Like a stone dropped into a stygian pool, Arakni causes ripples they will never witness nor reflect. Arakni carries no malice for those they take, has no reason to dance upon any man’s grave.

Death is Arakni's only concern. Assassination, their singular delight.

Hero Highlights


Stealth is a deadly tool in the right hands, and Arakni knows how to keep their targets in the dark. With their ability to play multiple cards with stealth in a turn, you never know what's hiding around the corner...

A Monster Unleashed

Arakni, Solitary Confinement

Patient 1413 is finally free, on a murderous spree, with delightful glee.


Some prey are smarter than the average thug, so it pays to have the right tools to compensate. Sever the correct parts and those pesky arcanists will be left defenseless.


An infection is best shared among friends...


Softening up the meat first makes it all the more tender and easy to pull apart.


Even the tiniest scratch... then fatigue sets in quickly.

Spike with Bloodrot

It's a dirty trick, but effective nevertheless.

Spike with Frailty

Adding a surprise flavour to the mix always keeps things interesting.

Spike with Inertia

One drop is all you need...

Bloodrot Pox

Symptoms include coughing blood, loss of limbs, organ failure, and eventually... death.


Even a simple task such as picking up a knife seems like an insurmountable obstacle.


What was I planning to do again? I'm so exhausted, maybe I'll close my eyes for just a second...