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18th Mar 2022 Chris Bewley

Hi and welcome back to The Latest! Let's check out all the Flesh and Blood news from the last seven days!

The Calling Indianapolis is here this weekend!

March 18-20 The Calling returns to the US as part of the SCG Con series.

The exciting, Blitz Battle Hardened Leeds in the United Kingdom is also going down this weekend!

Callings, Krakow and Taiwan are fast approaching, going down before the end of April as we get closer to the first ever Pro Tour, going down in New Jersey May 13-15.

We also check in with the latest fabctg.com articles, Skirmish Season 4, giveaways, check out last weekend's ProQuest events, the final weekend of the inaugural in-store ProQuest season and more!


ProQuest Season 1 FB/Twitter post image

The inaugural ProQuest series started February 19 in Local Game Stores worldwide and reached its conclusion last weeekend! Check out the ProQuest restrospective article below for a range of Top 8 players, heroes, decklists and more in the final recap of the historic ProQuest Season One.

Bravo, Star of the Show and Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light were the two standout heroes from the season. Captivating audiences and arenas around the world, Bravo now ranks number 1 in the Living Legend leaderboard despite being released in the most recent set, Everfest! Prism, on the other hand, has had no issues with stealing Bravo's spotlight any chance she can get, always posing a threat to Bravo, keeping him in check. Check in with Davis, Drew and the weekly ProQuest Recap to get all the details!

Drew Cordell and Davis Kingsley have dropped fresh ProQuest articles this week with Drew pondering the ProQuest question; where to next? and Davis once again deep diving into the details, numbers and stats of the last weekend's ProQuest events before returning next week to take a look at the ProQuest season as a whole.

Be sure to check out Drew and Davis' ProQuest articles as well as the ProQuest Retrospective at the links below.

Skirmish Season 4

Skirmish Season 4 Poster

In just under a week, the furious, fast, lightning-quick, 52 card Blitz Constructed format returns to Skirmish!

Over 500 Local Games Stores worldwide will be running events this Skirmish season so make sure to check out the event finder below to find a Skirmish event near you!

This season's prize kit includes a Spring Tidings playmat for first place and Cold Foil Young Heroes from Monarch and Tales of Aria for the top eight. Participation prizes include a People's Champion playmat from Everfest, and Copper tokens appearing for the first time in Cold Foil.

Skirmish Season Four Prize Kit

Comprehensive Rules 2.0 Officially Released

It’s official! The Comprehensive Rulebook 2.0 is now published and in effect!

Flesh and Blood Head Judge Josh Scott and the team have been working hard on the CR2.0 living document and the changes are just in time for The Calling Indianapolis to implement the new rules, which goes down this weekend, March 18-20!

Over the lead up to the release of the CR2.0, Josh published articles in his Back Alley Oracle series covering some of the most significant gameplay changes. Make sure you school up and check out the Back Alley Oracle articles below.

FAB x Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield x FAB.jpg

Legend Story Studios is proud to announce an official partnership with Dragon Shield – the world's biggest brand of gaming accessories.

LSS and Dragon Shield have joined forces to put the most iconic art of Flesh and Blood into the hands of fans and put the heroes of Rathe to work defending your deck! From April 22, players will be able to sleeve up and prepare to fight with the artwork of Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity, Lexi, Livewire, Chane, Bound by Shadow and Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light.

To celebrate this legendary partnership, Dragon Shield is giving away some of theese 100 pack Matte finish Flesh and Blood sleeves on their Twitter!

Classic Battles: Rhinar v Dorinthea

Classic Battles: Rhinar vs. Dorinthea Box Set

This beautiful upcoming product release includes two 40-card, ready to play out of the box decks and is ideal for new players, casual gamers, collectors, and fans of Rhinar and Dorinthea alike. This intriguing new product drops on May 27 and features exclusive Cold Foil heroes including Dorinthea, Quicksilver Prodigy and new weapons as well as rainbow foil equipment, new full art mentors and a brilliant 48 page illustrated lore booklet telling the tale of these heroes and how their classic battle became stuff of legend.

Stay tuned for updates on this awesome new product as we draw closer to its release.

April Armory Kit - Illusions

Turn your dreams into reality with this month's Illusionist April Armory Kit.

April 2022 Armory Kit Prizes

This month's Armory Kit contents are no joke! From April 1st, Flesh and Blood fanatics will have the opportunity to earn Cold Foil versions of Haze Bending, Passing Mirage and Pierce Reality! There are also Release the Tension rainbow foils (all colors) and two spectacular Shimmers of Silver people's champion playmats up for grabs!

Whether it's this weekend or the coming weeks and months, there is always an exciting event to set your sights on in Flesh and Blood! With so many events going down worldwide, let's check in with the latest from North America, Europe-UK and Asia-Pacific.

North America

Calling Indianapolis

The Calling returns to the USA this weekend at The Calling Indianapolis!

The Calling Indianapolis

The time has come and The Calling Indianapolis is going down this weekend, March 18-20 as part of the SCG Con event series and Flesh and Blood players will have the opportunity to take on the post-Everfest Classic Constructed environment with over USD$20,000 on the line. Players will also have the chance to win their ticket to the Pro Tour in the form of PTIs as well as Legendary Gold Cold Foil drops, and more!

If you can't make it along to TC Indy, tune into the LIVE STREAM which starts 10am March 19 and 9am March 20 EDT at twitch.tv/starcitygames

Follow along with all the action at The Calling Indianapolis across socials this weekend on the hashtag #FABIndy

Don't miss out on The Calling Indy! Secure your tickets at the SCG Con website.

The SCG Con event series keeps on rolling! Battle Hardened Dallas Fort-Worth is just around the corner on Sunday, April 10!

Battle Hardened DFW is sure to be another action packed, lighting quick Blitz battleground and with the new addition of Everfest cards, our young heroes have more than a few new tools in their arsenal.

Get in the mix with the SCG Con events series and your best 52 and compete for cold foils, cash prizes, excluisve playmats and PTIs, to gain entry to the first ever Pro Tour in New Jersey, USA in May!

Secure your tickets now for this exciting event at the SCG Con website.

Europe and the United Kingdom

The Blitz Constructed Battle Hardened is going down in Leeds, England, UK, March 20, this weekend!

Battle Hardened Logo

Battle Hardened Leeds is a fantastic opportunity for players to sharpen their Blitz skills ahead of The Calling Krakow, happening April 15-17. If The Calling isn't in your plans, why not head on down to Battle Hardened Leeds and compete for cash prizes, cold foils, playmats and coveted PTIs, to gain entry to the first ever Pro Tour in New Jersey, USA in May.

Royal Armoury Museum

The day before Battle Hardened Leeds will see the legends at Local Games Store Living Realms host their Skirmish Season 4 World Premiere event at the Royal Armoury Museum. Join the fight, get some last minute Battle Hardened training in and be in to win a Spring Tidings champion playmat, People's Champion playmats, cold foils and more!

For updates and coverage, check out the Living Realms Facebook and Twitter.

Get your tickets for Battle Hardened Leeds and Skirmish here!

Krakow Venue (cropped).png

The Calling Krakow features the action-packed fast-paced Blitz Constructed format- the perfect opportunity to showcase new cards from Everfest, shine the spotlight on Skirimish Season 4 skills and is taking place April 15-17 in Poland. The Calling Krakow will have an upgraded cash prize pool on top of the other incredible prizes up for grabs, with USD$20,000 of cash prizes, Professional Tournament Invitations, and one of the final Gold Cold Foil Fyendal's Spring Tunic prize cards!

Tickets available for this historic event are available at the tournamentcenter website.


Next month will see The Calling come to Asia for the first time ever with the historic Calling Taiwan, April 22-24!

Calling Taiwan - city scape

One of the most innovative and active Flesh and Blood hubs on the planet, Taiwan answers the call! We've partnered with Fayble to offer a full range of high-profile events, as part of the first-ever Calling weekend in Asia.

This Classic Constructed Calling comes complete with side events, so the action is non-stop all weekend! Sunday the 24th will see a Blitz Constructed Battle Hardened go down with two (yup, two) PTI's being awarded, one each to both the first and second place finishers.

Write your name on the pages of history! With a cash prize pool of USD$20,000, Professional Tournament Invitations, an exclusive Pulse of Volthaven playmat and one of the final Golden Cold Foil Fyendal's Spring Tunics to be awarded, there is an aramada of incentives to get along to this unforgettable moment in time!

Get your tickets for The Calling Taiwan here.