War of the Monarch begins...

6th Jul 2023 Kasharn Rao

Steel forged with holy fortitude sparks as it clashes with glinting tooth and rugged nail, painting the land with streaks of murky blood. The noble defenders of the kingdom charge into battle against lumbering, skittering, and slithering horrors of unspeakable design. The valiant songs of hearty prayer blend with the solemn utterings of twisted incantation as both sides bleed their bodies and souls in pursuit of victory and truth. This dark day and blinding night will be remembered for all eternity as the War of the Monarch...


The day is finally upon us, and now is the time to choose a side. War of the Monarch events are taking place across the world this weekend from July 7th to 9th, and even though we may be divided by the forces of Light and Shadow, we are all coming together to play great games and celebrate the upcoming release of a truly phenomenal set. Get ready to crack open those packs of Monarch and join the battle!

Dusk till Dawn spoiler season has been absolute insanity, with so many game-changers being deployed into the battlefield, things are about to get real hectic! The design is a true sight to behold, with glorious angels and terrifying demons, there's so much to explore! But as beautiful as Dusk till Dawn is, it's a supplemental set which means it's not compatible for Limited play.

Instead, we are celebrating the milestone 10th Flesh and Blood set with this special Pre-Release weekend featuring Monarch Draft! New players can dive straight into the fray, learning all about the War of the Monarch and picking up some useful staples ahead of Dusk till Dawn's release. Regions that were impacted by the Covid pandemic will finally get a chance to experience this dynamic limited set, with experienced players getting some reps in for their upcoming National Championships!


Pre-Release weekends are a special occasion when the community comes together to play some casual games, catch up with friends, and chatter about the upcoming set. They're perfect for everyone who's interested in Flesh and Blood, regardless of how long you've been playing, or how competitively you play. Enjoy the social banter, excitement of cracking packs with your mates, and potentially take home some sweet prizes too!

Speaking of, it wouldn't be a Flesh and Blood Pre-Release weekend if there weren't stunning goodies up for grabs! Draft pods are typically split into 8 players, and the winner of each pod will score a Cold Foil Vynnset or Prism, Advent of Thrones! What better way to celebrate the return of fan-favourite classes Light Illusionist and Shadow Runeblade? If that weren't enough, you can also get a Rainbow Foil Extended Art Herald of Ravages just for participating!

But that's not all! Stores can also choose to purchase a limited amount of Dusk till Dawn booster packs ahead of release date to give out as prizes. You heard that right, you can get your hands on packs from the new set before it even comes out!

WotM - Prize Kit

Pick up your weapon and join us in the war that will determine the fate of Rathe itself! Will you stay true to the Light with the noble Prism, calling forth the power of the Heralds to vanquish the darkness? Maybe you'll charge into battle with the fearless Boltyn, leading Solana's forces to victory? Perhaps you'll turn to the Shadows for answers with the devoted Chane, binding yourself to the Soul Reaper to unlock true power? Or will you embrace the unrelenting hunger with the frenzied Levia, consuming everyone and everything in a bloodthirsty rampage? Only you can decide...