Unofficial Translations!

7th Oct 2021

It's coming close to a year now since Flesh and Blood launched in Europe and the UK, in which time over 450 stores have come on board to support the game. In order to support the communities in these countries further, today we're excited to announce a collaboration between and LSS to provide a set of online unofficial translations for French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Tome of Harvest

We're keen to make these translations available to players to help with learning to play the game, but we also really want to hear your thoughts on the proposed translations that have been provided as well. have done some great work to set up a feedback system for these translations, so if you want to let us know your thoughts or to propose an alternative translation, please feel free to go ahead and comment on their site. Any comments that you make will come through to us, and we may even use them to improve the translations over the coming weeks as well.

We're starting out with translations of Welcome to Rathe, but in the coming weeks we'll be bringing through further sets to support these. Please be aware that as far as tournament rules enforcement goes, the English language variant of the card is the official version against which all rules decisions will be made, including for all national championships.

Finally, we'd like to say thank you to the Mandarin language community and the team at Fayble for all the work that you have done in supporting translations of the game and its rules. It's made a huge impact on the accessibility of the game across South-East Asian communities! And as a little Easter Egg for our fans in Asia, there is a set of Japanese language translations up on the site as well!

So, please take a look and let us know what you think. You can choose the language you'd like to see in the "Printing's" section of the page, and can feed back by pushing the "Suggest Correction" button. We'd love to hear from you!