Surgical Extraction

10th Mar 2023 Legend Story Studios

We know how excited you all are to sleeve up Uzuri and her fellow Assassins with the release of Outsiders, and that there are some concerns around the availability of Surgical Extraction, a desirable card for these decks.

Firstly, some background on why Surgical Extraction is quite a hard card to find, relative to normal majestics.

During the production process for Dynasty an issue occurred with the card number file that resulted in Surgical Extraction and Regicide switching places in the file. Regicide was intended to be a short print, due to the fact that it has the Legendary keyword - you can only have 1 copy of it in your deck, therefore players in general need to own less of them. This is our normal practice for print frequency of majestic cards with the Legendary keyword, such as the Legendary pulses from Tales of Aria, Legendary dragons from Uprising, Legendary traps from Outsiders, and Gorganian Tome from Crucible of War.

Pulse of Volthaven
Invoke Dominia
Buzzsaw Trap
Gorganian Tome

The consequence of this production issue is Regicide is twice as frequent as intended, and Surgical Extraction is half as frequent as intended.

This frequency issue was unintentional and was not discovered until after the release of Dynasty, by which time it was too late to get a reprint of Surgical Extraction into Outsiders.

We want to let you know that Surgical Extraction is included in Dusk till Dawn at a frequency that when combined with its frequency in Dynasty, will in aggregate equal the intended frequency of this card. In other words, the Dynasty short print plus the Dusk till Dawn short print equals the total number of Surgical Extractions that were intended to exist.

The reprint of Surgical Extraction in Dusk till Dawn will be identical to its original printing, including the card code DYN122. It will be available only in non-foil in Dusk till Dawn.

Surgical Extraction