Skirmish Season 6 Events

8th Mar 2023 Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood organized play is back in full swing. It's been eight months, but the Skirmish series is back with a vengeance this April 8-23 with Skirmish Season 6!

Skirmish Season 6 will feature the brand new Outsiders set. With its focus on back to basics melee combat, this season of Skirmish will challenge players while also providing a great opportunity for new fans getting started in competitive organised play.

Picking up a Blitz Deck and attending events like Outsiders Pre-Release and limited format Armories is a great way to get started with Flesh and Blood and upgrade your deck to get ready to compete in your local Skirmish event!

Skirmish Season 6 event formats will be Blitz Constructed and Sealed Deck.

Each Store running a Skirmish event will receive an Outsiders themed prize kit containing the following:

Prize Distributiron
2x Azalea CF black envelops (1 to winner / 1 random) - 1 is to be awarded to the winner the other is to be rewarded at random
12x RF Uzuri - Should be given out as participation prizes.
12x RF Riptide - Should be given out as participation prizes.
12x RF Arakni, Solitary Confinement - Should be given out as participation prizes.
2x Razor's Edge playmats - The two playmats are for 1st and 2nd.

Skirmish Season 6 - Prize Kit

Skirmish events award XP and are a great way to secure ratings based invitations to Premier Events like Pro Tour Baltimore.

To find an event near you check the Flesh and Blood Event Locator!