Skirmish Season 7 Events

20th Jun 2023 Legend Story Studios

Skirmish is back, this time with THREE fast and frenzied formats to dive into! But be warned, bold hero - not everything is always as it seems. Sometimes you can be so sure, and so very wrong...

Skirmish Season 7 - Social Media Post Image

Wander through the spectral procession from July 29th to August 13th, and break through the throngs of twisted creatures to become champion. Skirmish is a great opportunity for fresher faces to get started in competitive organised play, while also testing the skills and fortitude of veteran players.

This season will challenge you to separate dreams from reality with Blitz, Monarch Draft, and our newest Skirmish format - Blitz Preconstructed! This format is perfect for new players as everyone battles on even grounds, with ready-to-play out of the box decks from History Pack 1 or Outsiders.

Blitz brings you a first chance to take those new cards from Dusk till Dawn out for a test drive, and catch some unsuspecting opponents off guard. Meanwhile, get those reps in for Nationals by drafting the forces of Light and Shadow!

Each store running a Skirmish event will receive a prize kit containing the following:

Prize Distribution
2x Genesis (Cold Foil) 1 awarded to the winner, the other awarded at random.
33x Herald of Tenacity (Extended Art Rainbow Foil) Given out as participation prizes.
2x Flicker Trick playmats 1 each awarded to 1st and 2nd place finishers.

Skirmish Season 7 - Prize Kit

IMPORTANT: Skirmish Season 7 Blitz events will use modified deckbuilding rules. These temporary rules allow for greater deckbuilding flexibility than the current standard Blitz requirements. Learn more about these changes here:

Skirmish events award XP and are a great way to secure ratings based invitations to Premier Events. They're also fantastic for getting amongst your local community for some great games.

To find an event near you check the Event Locator!