Skirmish Season 2 Recap

12th Jul 2021 Nicola Price

The second season of Skirmish saw 246 events take place across 26 countries, featuring both Blitz and sealed deck tournaments, online and in-person. Over the final big weekend of the season, local game stores worldwide hosted 72 events, with over 2000 players signing up for the last tournaments of Season 2. Hot on the heels of the release of Monarch, the second Skirmish season saw four brand new heroes storm the battlefield, looking to usurp the throne of Season 1's reigning monarch, Ira, Crimson Haze.

Country Number of Events Number of Players
Australia 18 330
Austria 2 31
Belgium 2 22
Brunei 1 23
Bulgaria 1 18
Canada 22 826
Czech Republic 1 11
Denmark 3 30
Germany 8 179
Greece 3 137
Hong Kong 4 136
Italy 1 6
Malaysia 3 71
Netherlands 3 94
New Zealand 14 524
Norway 1 16
Poland 7 183
Portugal 3 26
Singapore 5 473
Slovakia 1 16
Spain 3 51
Sweden 2 89
Switzerland 1 8
Taiwan 8 395
United Kingdom 7 115
United States 121 2612


Living Realms - United Kingdom

Kicking off the day with a "Ira Learn-to-Play" session, Living Realms gave their players an opportunity to 'warm-up', practice tactics and game sense before the main event. After a break for lunch, 29 players cracked some packs to construct their sealed deck, and select their hero of choice.

Living Realms Skirmish

After five round-robin rounds of sealed and a hearty dinner, the top player from each pod, and a sixth chosen at random from the five 2nd place players, duked it out in the final rounds of the day. The final battle took place between two bastions of Light; Chris Sweeney's Boltyn, and Simon Denning's Prism both fought valiantly, but ultimately Boltyn dealt the final blow, and claimed the win of the day.

Living Realms Top 8

Top 5:

  1. Chris Sweeney - Boltyn
  2. Simon Denning - Prism
  3. Barrie Wardle - Chane
  4. Benjamin Earley - Prism
  5. James Armstrong - Chane

The Imaginarium Logo

The Imaginarium - Singapore

The Imaginarium welcomed 101 players for their international online blitz tournament, representing not only a wide array of countries, but a wide variety of heroes, as well.

Hero Player Count Hero Player Count
Azalea 1 Ira 31
Boltyn 2 Kano 9
Bravo 7 Katsu 1
Chane 18 Levia 5
Dash 1 Prism 11
Dorinthea 13 Viserai 2

There are several familiar names in the Top 8 of this event, including Chu Heng Eng, who has recently made the Top 8 of Skirmish events this season with his Chane deck. However, it was Soo Bao Rui, placing in the Top 8 of a Skirmish event for the first time, who took the final victory of the day with his Ira deck.

Top 8:

  1. Soo Bao Rui - Ira, Crimson Haze
  2. Daniel Ooi - Ira, Crimson Haze
  3. Soh Zheng - Chane
  4. Chu Heng Eng - Chane
  5. Liam Spronken - Kano
  6. Samuel MK Lau - Kano
  7. Thomas van den Berg - Dorinthea
  8. Wei Quan Wong - Ira, Crimson Haze

hobby master logo

Hobbymaster - New Zealand

"Andy from Hobby Master New Zealand here. The Skirmish season was upon us last Saturday, as I and my team prepped the store for our biggest event held at the store with over 80 participants coming to battle it out for the exclusive Command and Conquer playmat and to get their hands on one of 8 cold foil Boltyn Hero cards.

84 players sat with six booster packs of freshly minted first edition Monarch lay before them. Our guest judge, the esteemed Iain Kenderdine calls out 'open your packs!', the familiar sound of rustling foil erupts. He then calls out 'Pull us a 'Library' half-jokingly. But the best always jokes have a grain of truth, and near immediately, a beautiful first-ed Library of Solana was pulled. Then another! Throughout the seven rounds, Skirmish Season 2 kept at the drama. Familiar faces such as Matt Rogers, Jacob Pearson and Cayle McCreath stood out from the rest as they vied to make the top 8 cut."

"Throughout the day, I counted myself lucky that we could host an event such as this–to be not only in the heart of Flesh and Blood country, but to be allowed to safely run such a large event. In our event we had 32 cold foils and rainbow foils to hand out. But I threw in a few cold foil cards into the mix to take the sting out of not making the cut. 33rd place, last place and another lucky player would get a cold foil too, plus a random draw for the other Command and Conquer mat.

At 3pm we had our top 8. Doesn't it say an awful lot about this game that even in a seemingly random sealed event, the best of the best will always show themselves? You certainly make your own luck with FAB. But I digress :). The aforementioned Cayle, Matt and Jacob of course got there, along with Jason Chung, James Arnesen, Calvin Leung, Sang Wook Kim and Michael Colins. A truly tough winning circle if ever you saw one. The event took a different tone in the top 8 draft. The game faces were truly on and the seriousness of play cranked up to 11. In the end Jason Chung took the win with his Chane build and took home the glorious C&C playmat!

Big thanks to all who attended. We had a blast!"

Top 8 Hobbymaster Skirmish

Top 8:

  1. Jason Chung - Chane
  2. Jacob Pearson - Boltyn
  3. Matt Rogers - Boltyn
  4. Calvin Leung - Prism
  5. Cayle McCreath - Chane
  6. Sang Wook Kim - Levia
  7. James Arnesen - Chane
  8. Michael Collins - Levia


White Rabbit - Germany

59 players joined in the fight for White Rabbit's online tournament, with a wide spread of heroes entering the fray.

Hero Player Count Hero Player Count
Azalea 1 Kassai 2
Bravo 3 Katsu 3
Chane 4 Levia 2
Dash 1 Viserai 2
Dorinthea 6 Prism 7
Ira 12 Rhinar 6
Kano 6 Not reported 4

While the event didn't cut to Top 8, at the end of the six rounds, there was only one player who stood 6-0, and another five who had five wins on their belt. Jakob Kernstock and his Ira deck went undefeated at the event, closely followed by Markus Ramsner's Dorinthea, and Andreas Wirt-Brunnckow's Rhinar deck.

Top 6:

  1. Jakob Kernstock - 6 wins
  2. Markus Ramsner - 5 wins
  3. Andreas Wirt-Brunnckow - 5 wins
  4. Kugane Gaming - 5 wins
  5. Christopher Bizau - 5 wins
  6. Felix Reinhardt - 5 wins

Le Coin de Jeu logo

Le Coin du Jeu - Canada

Le Coin du Jeu hosted 32 players from across Canada for their online skirmish, playing five swiss rounds of Blitz.

"New shadow hero on the block Chane had a strong showing at the event, with as many players going banish-happy as those fortifying their position with blitz favorite Ira. This later strategy turned out well for 3 of our finalists, including champion Shawn Hill who emerged victorious after a close match against Canadian community ambassador Steven Jennings. The podium was completed by Skirmish regulars Alan Maigne and Oliver Chen, along with newcomer Alexis Cloutier."

The winner of the event, Shawn Hill, had this to say:

"Really excited to have won my first skirmish event. It ended up being a Mirror match where we were both down to 1 life. All it took was a trusty razor reflex to seal the deal. I am really looking forward to Classic Constructed skirmishes. Hopefully, Montreal will get its very own calling event!"


Vanaheim - Poland

16 players gathered for Vanaheim's Blitz tournament, with five Dorinthea's, four Chane's, two Boltyn's and Ira's, and one player each on Rhinar, Bravo, and Viserai.

"In the finals Tomasz Żelazko lost to Mateusz Sass earning Mateusz the title of Vanaheim champion, and showing how Chane should be piloted! After the top cut the players opened additional booster packs that were awarded to them and Mateusz even managed to open an Eclipse - what a fitting end to a great run!"

Vanaheim Skirmish

Top 4:

  1. Tomasz Żelazko - Ira, Crimson Haze
  2. Mateusz Sass - Chane
  3. Krzysztof Żelazko - Chane
  4. Łukasz Bigos - Dorinthea

Fyendal Hobby Logo

Fyendal Hobby - Singapore

For this online Blitz tournament, Fyendal Hobby hosted 84 players from around the world, featuring players not only from Singapore, but also Austria, Brunei, Croatia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan and United States, making it a truly international event.

Hero Player Count Hero Player Count
Benji 1 Kano 6
Boltyn 1 Katsu 1
Bravo 6 Levia 8
Chane 16 Prism 10
Dorinthea 8 Rhinar 2
Ira 24 Viserai 1

They also streamed the final rounds of the event, live on their Facebook page.

Akiba Underground logo

Akiba Underground - United States

The team at Akiba Underground hosted 11 players for their first Skirmish event! Two Ira's and two Prism's joined the field alongside Dorinthea, Boltyn, Levia, Chane, Bravo, Viserai, and Rhinar.

Akiba Underground Skirmish

Gamers Guild logo

Gamers Guild - United States

26 players joined Gamers Guild's blitz Skirmish event, bringing a wide variety of heroes to the table, including Kavdaen and Dash, two heroes who have been rarely seen participating in Skirmish events.

Hero Player Count Hero Player Count
Boltyn 2 Kano 3
Bravo 1 Kassai 1
Chane 4 Kavdaen 1
Dash 2 Levia 3
Dorinthea 2 Rhinar 1
Ira 6 Viserai 1

Top 8:

  1. Logan Vines - Ira, Crimson Haze
  2. Adam Rash - Dorinthea
  3. Z Shaver - Dorinthea
  4. Tyler Brotton - Bravo
  5. James Robert Gibson III - Kano
  6. George Sawyer - Kano
  7. Neal Olinger - Chane
  8. Andrew Goode - Ira, Crimson Haze

Gamer's Guild Skirmish - Top 4

Skirmish Highlight

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