Road to Nationals 2021

8th Jul 2021

Road to Nationals B&W

Six weeks. 175 events. One goal - the National Championship. Today we are officially releasing the full list of stores participating in the 2021 Flesh and Blood Road to Nationals season. Across North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, players will have the opportunity to battle it out for top prizes and a place in the National Championships!

Road to Nationals Event Locators

We've been overwhelmed by the support that stores have shown for this series, and we want to thank every LGS that will be hosting event for the commitment that you've shown to the Flesh and Blood community. One goal for this series was that players in all our supported countries would have a chance to travel and play in a wide range of events. You can play in events in any country, and if you make Top 4 you'll get entry to your own country's National Championships. For players in Europe in particular (and possibly along the Canadian border) we hope that this gives our many national communities the chance to finally start to meet and play as travel restrictions ease!

We've had a lot of questions come in since we announced the series, so we've put together an FAQ for you below.

How do you qualify for your Nationals?

There are two main pathways for Nationals qualification.

  1. Make the top 4 of any Road to Nationals event
  2. Qualify through your 90 day XP Rating

So how does the 90 Day XP qualification work?

The 90 day XP Qualification Period will start on Monday 12 July (PST12:01am) and run through to Sunday 10 October (PST11:59pm).

Any XP gained during the qualification period will add towards your 90 Day XP on the XP leaderboards. At the end of the qualification period, the top ranked players who are not already qualified for their national championships will have the opportunity to secure an invitation to their National Championships as well.

Remind me again about the prizes?

Sure - more than happy to!

1st Prize

  • 1x Rainbow Foil Extended Art Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
  • 1x Fyendal’s Spring Tunic Playmat
  • 1x Cold Foil Monarch Adult Hero (Randomly awarded from the heroes included)
  • Invitation to your National Championship

2nd - 4th Prize

  • 1x Exude Confidence Playmats
  • 1x Cold Foil Monarch Adult Hero (Randomly awarded from the heroes included)
  • Invitation to your National Championship

5th - 8th Prize

  • 1x Cold Foil Monarch Adult Hero (Randomly awarded from the heroes included)

9th - 32nd Prize (awarded at the conclusion of swiss rounds)

  • 1x Cold Foil Aura being either Parable of Humility, Merciful Retribution or Ode to Wrath 

Can I qualify in another Country for Nationals?

You can qualify playing in a Road to Nationals in any country. As border restrictions begin to open up you may play in another countries events. However you may only play in the Nationals of the country you are registered to. You may also only play in one Nationals event.

Do I take away a qualification by playing in another country? Also if qualify multiple times at Road to Nationals events does that do the same?

You are taking a Road to Nationals spot however it will mean that there are additional spots for players to qualify on 90 day XP. If you just miss out on securing an invitation at a Road to Nationals event, then you will still have earned a lot of XP which will help you with securing a ratings-based invitation.

Can I play in more than one Road to Nationals if I'm already qualified from a previous event?

Yes there are no restrictions on this.

If I qualify more than once does it pass down or can I give it to a friend?

These do not pass down and can not be given to another player.

My GEM Account has the wrong country listed. How do I get this changed?

You can write to and provide an explanation of the situation and why a change is needed. The team will consider each request on a case by case basis.

When will details of Nationals be announced?

We are finalising the details of each of the National Championships with our event partners at the moment and will be releasing the full range of details shortly.

Where can I find deck lists to play with and test against?

We have our Dev-astation series running through July where you can watch the Flesh and Blood devs battle is out with a range of Classic Constructed decks.

There is also a range of great content out there on the web to check out. Here are a few sites that we'd recommend;

Strategy Content