Scheduled Banned and Suspended Announcement

13th Mar 2023 Bryan Gottlieb

This banned and suspended announcement was originally scheduled for March 20, 2023. We have brought forward the announcement so players have clarity about the new season of constructed formats heading into this weekend’s Outsiders Pre-release.

Classic Constructed

  • No changes

In the aftermath of the January 24, 2023 banning of Belittle, Winter’s Wail, Amulet of Ice, and Hypothermia, we have been satisfied with the format balance. The metagame has opened up considerably, with a bevy of heroes staking claim to Top 8 finishes on the Calling and Battle Hardened circuit, including Fai, Iyslander, and Oldhim continuing to put up strong results.

When we ban and suspend cards to target format outliers, it is always our hope that the changes will bring those heroes back to the rest of the field—not eliminate them from the metagame entirely. We know players form tight bonds with their heroes, even coming to view them as part of their identity. We don't want fans to fear their favorite hero will have their legs completely cut out from under them when they rise to the top of the metagame. It is for this reason, that we view the outcome of the January changes a success. The three heroes the changes were aimed at remained a key part of the metagame, while other heroes were given space to perform and pick up some wins alongside them.

We are excited to see how Outsiders shakes up Classic Constructed and what old (and new!) favorites are ready to join the upper echelon of heroes in the new season ahead.


  • No changes

Aether Icevein

We are still lacking sufficient data to finalize a decision on Aether Icevein's suspended status in Blitz. With Skirmish season 6 running worldwide April 8 - 23, you can expect a decision on Aether Icevein's legality on the next banned and suspended announcement.

  • Aether Icevein remains suspended until May 4, 2023.

Next Scheduled Banned and Suspended Announcement

The next scheduled banned and suspended announcement is May 4, 2023 (EST).