Road to Nationals Gauntlet Gameplay Series - Match One

30th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

The Road to Nationals Gauntlet Gameplay Series has arrived!

Uprising is here and it's the perfect time to take a look at some of the most talked about decks while shining the spotlight on our three new Uprising heroes; Dromai, Ash Artist, Fai, Rising Rebellion and Iyslander, Stormbind in the upcoming Road to Nationals 80 card Classic Constructed format!

This three part game series will feature three games and six different heroes selected and piloted by possibly the most devout Demonastery disciple, and visionary behind the fan favorite YouTube empire Man Sant, and friends.

Ethan van Sant - Young Levia

Elliot Parkhurst

Ethan Van Sant- Levia's faithful servant- is world renown for his persistence, perseverance and innovation of all things Levia. Over on the Man Sant channel, it's not all the Demonastery's Favorite Daughter. Ethan features deck techs, gameplay, streams, discussion videos and much more. Ethan's Levia builds have been highly influential in constructed formats across the globe and last ProQuest season, he proved that dreams (nightmares?) do come true when he picked up the elusive first place finish in Classic Constructed with Levia, Shadowborn Abomination!

Elliot Parkhurst is the owner of Odyssey Games and was an early adopter of Flesh and Blood, being instrumental in the community growth in Southwest Michigan, USA. He is a Level 1 Judge and experienced tournament organizer whose favorite format is Draft and favorite hero is Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light.

This Road to Nationals season, over the next few weeks, Ethan and fiends...will go one on one, smashing some of their personal top Uprising format Classic Constructed hero picks into Dromai, Fai and Iyslander, in what is sure to be a must-watch Gauntlet series. Decklists will be included, as well as post-match recorded commentary and in-depth analysis from Ethan and the team.

In the first match of the Road to Nationals Gauntlet Gameplay Series, we see Ethan pursue the doomsday scenario as his and the Shadow Brute, Levia, Shadowborn Abomination's hunger to consume existence itself is on full display as they attempt to gorge on anything and everything, while the everpresent threat of being consumed by Shadow looms above. On the other side of the arena, we see Elliot call forth the Dragons of Legend from the annals of history, and unleash their wrath as he demonstrates his mastery of ash artistry while playing as one of Uprising's brand new heroes, the Draconic Illusionist, Dromai, Ash Artist.

The Road to Nationals has begun. Rise up!

Dromai, Ash Artist - Cards Played
Equipment Red Blue
1 Storm of Sandikai 3 Billowing Mirage 3 Dustup
1 Crown of Providence 3 Dustup 3 Energy Potion
1 Flamescale Furnace 3 Fate Foreseen 3 Passing Mirage
1 Phantasmal Footsteps 3 Invoke Azvolai 3 Rake the Embers
1 Silken Form 3 Invoke Cromai 3 Sweeping Blow
1 Invoke Dominia
3 Invoke Kyloria
3 Invoke Miragai
3 Invoke Ouvia
1 Invoke Tomeltai
3 Oasis Respite
3 Rake the Embers
3 Sand Cover
3 Sigil of Solace
3 Sink Below
3 Sweeping Blow
1 Dunebreaker Cenipai
Levia, Shadowborn Abomination - Cards Played
Equipment/Red Yellow Blue
2 Mandible Claw 3 Art of War 3 Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell
1 Carrion Husk 3 Beast Within 3 Deadwood Rumbler
1 Crown of Providence 3 Bloodrush Bellow 1 Doomsday
1 Gambler's Gloves 3 Dread Screamer
1 Scabskin Leathers 3 Endless Maw
1 Eye of Ophidia
1 Soul Harvest
3 Boneyard Marauder 3 Unworldly Bellow
3 Dread Screamer 3 Wrecker Romp
3 Endless Maw
1 Ghostly Visit
3 Graveling Growl
2 Howl from Beyond
3 Hungering Slaughterbeast
3 Shadow of Blasmophet
3 Swing Big
3 Wild Ride
3 Writhing Beast Hulk

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