Pro Quest Season 4 Events

20th Sep 2023

Hear the crowd chant your name… Listen to the thunderous applause… it’s all up to you, brave hero!

Fight your way through friend and foe to claim your invite to the next Pro Tour, one of the most prestigious Flesh and Blood events of the year. Only the strongest and smartest will survive long enough to get a chance to battle for greatness.

Welcome to Pro Quest…

Pro Quest Season 4 FB Post Image

From October 21st to November 5th, the pathway to the next Pro Tour begins with more than 400 Pro Quest Events taking place around the world. Featuring Classic Constructed and Bright Lights Booster Draft formats, Pro Quest will both challenge and reward players with mechanized mayhem!

(please note some stores in Australia may run their events from October 14th to November 5th to avoid clashing with Calling: Melbourne)

The winner of each Pro Quest Event will receive an invite to the next Flesh and Blood Pro Tour, unless they have already qualified via another Pro Quest Event, in which case the invitation will be awarded to the finalist. Pro Quests are also a great opportunity to grind XP and climb the leaderboards, as they offer 6x the standard amount of XP per win. Lastly, Pro Quest Events are competitive, but also open entry, allowing newer and older players to come together for some truly exceptional gameplay, learning and growing together as they prepare for the next leg of the Flesh and Blood Organised Play journey!

This season we have increased the number of Living Legend points awarded to winning heroes to 4 per event win. A Living Legend check will occur immediately after the conclusion of Pro Quest on November 6th (NZST), with any heroes that have crossed the 1000-point threshold being retired from official play.

Also on offer at Pro Quest Events are a range of awesome exclusive prizes! We are excited to reveal exactly what these special promos are in the coming weeks. Each store running a Pro Quest Event will receive a kit with the following:

  • 1x Pro Tour Invitation - Awarded to the event winner (or finalist of the winner has already qualified)
  • 1x Random Drop Gold Foil Card (Common, Rare, or Majestic) - Awarded to the event winner
  • 8x Cold Foil Hero Cards - Awarded randomly amongst the Top 8 players at the end of swiss
  • 2x Alluring Inducement Playmats - Awarded to the event winner and finalist
  • 1x Judge Pack - Awarded to the head judge when the event has finished
  • 1x Judge Sleeves - Awarded to the floor judge when the event has finished

A note on sportsmanship

We recognise that at competitive Flesh and Blood events there is a strong drive to succeed, and each game carries stakes that are meaningful. Like any competitive tournament where prizes and qualifications are on the line, we expect players to hold themselves and each other to a high standard. But mistakes can happen, even among the highest ranked players, especially over the course of a long event.

We want to remind the community that above all else, any discussions over events, games, and/or players, whether online or in person, should always be civil and respectful. There’s nothing wrong with critical analysis of gameplay, but it’s important to remember that the community we have built together is one of friendship, inclusivity, and a shared passion for great games.

During this upcoming Pro Quest season, and all current and future Flesh and Blood events, we want you to play hard, and also play fair. Always treat each other, tournament organisers, and store staff with respect, and refer to your hard-working judges to resolve any in-game issues. Good luck to everyone competing!