Pro Quest Season 4 - Retailer FAQ

4th Sep 2023 Organized Play Team

Pro Quest Season 4

Hear the crowd chant your name… Listen to the thunderous applause… it’s all up to you, brave hero! Fight your way through friend and foe to claim your invite to the next Pro Tour, one of the most prestigious Flesh and Blood events of the year. Only the strongest and smartest will survive long enough to get a chance to battle for greatness. Welcome to Pro Quest Season 4…

Por Quest Season 4 FAQ - Japanese

What are ProQuest events?
Pro Quest provides players with a qualification to Pro Tour 4 and the chance to win exclusive prizes. All events are in-person events, there will be no online events for this series.

What are the Formats for ProQuest Season 4?
Pro Quest Season 4 will use either Classic Constructed or Bright Lights Booster Draft.

Entry fee?
Classic Constructed
Stores can charge up to USD 35/ EUR 35 / GBP 35 / CAD 50 / AUD 50 / NZD 50 or local currency equivalent.

Limited Events- Booster Draft

Stores can charge up to USD 50 / EUR 50 / GBP 50 / CAD 65 / AUD 65 / NZD 65 or local currency equivalent.

Can I add prizes to the prize pool?
Stores are welcome to add additional participation or performance based prizes to their Pro Quest events.

Season Dates

What are the season dates and when can I sanction the event?
Pro Quest Season 4 will run from Saturday 21st of October - Sunday 5th of November 2023. Events can be sanctioned now!

Stores in Australia may run their events from Saturday 14th October -Sunday 5th November. This extension is to allow Australian stores more opportunities to schedule events to avoid clashing with the dates for Calling: Melbourne.

Is there any flexibility on the event dates?
Events must be run in this window. If stores cannot run the event during this time the event MUST be cancelled and the Prize Kit MUST be returned to your distributor.

How will I know if my store is selected for Pro Quest?
Stores will receive an email invitation to notify that the option for Pro Quest Season 4 will appear in GEM when creating a new event. Stores will be invited to host either a Classic Constructed or Booster Draft event. If you would like to discuss which format you have been selected for please contact

Event Structure

Is there a minimum number of players to run this event
Pro Quest events need a minimum of 8 players to run. If an event runs with less than eight players it will not provide an invite and the store will lose the right to host an event of this level in the future.

Is there a maximum number of players?
Pro Quest events are very popular event series and frequently attract a high number of players. Stores may set an attendance cap for their Pro Quest events in line with their store's capacity and staffing capabilities, however, you may wish to consider an external venue if your store has the capacity for less than 32 players.

If your event does have an attendance cap then we encourage you to have a clearly communicated pre-registration process to reduce the risk of player disappointment.

Classic Constructed Event Structure

Players Swiss Rounds Top Cut
8 3 None
9 - 16 4 Top 4
17 - 32 5 Top 8
33 - 64 6 Top 8
65 - 128 7 Top 8

How long should I budget for a Classic Constructed ProQuest?
For Classic Constructed Pro Quest events, we recommend 55-minute rounds. This allows players up to 5 minutes to present their decks and at least 50 minutes to play their match.

Booster Draft Event Structure

Players Drafts Swiss Rounds Top Cut
8 1 3 None
9 - 16 1 3 Top 8*
17 - 32 2 6 Top 8
33 - 64 2 6 Top 8
65 - 128 2 6 Top 8

*This is a suggestion, you may run two rounds of draft pods and no top 8 cut if you wish.

How long should I budget for a Booster Draft Pro Quest?

For Booster Draft events we recommend you allow 60 minutes for to complete each booster draft, including 15 minutes for draft deck registration and 15 minutes for draft deck construction.

Booster Draft Swiss rounds should be 30 minutes each.

How will I get stock for the draft?
Stores hosting Booster Draft Pro Quest events will need to order Bright Lights stock from their distributors for use in their event. As an example, 4 Bright Lights booster cases would provide sufficient product for 60 players drafting twice and a top 8 draft.

Prize and Distribution

How is the prize kit going to be supplied?
The prize kit will be supplied by your distributor.

Prize Distribution
1x Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Card (Common or Rare or Majestic) Stores can NOT open the Random Drop Gold Cold Foil.
This is a prize for the event's winner to open at the conclusion of Top 8, first place is awarded the random drop Gold Cold Foil (Common or Rare or Majestic) Prize card
8x Cold Foil Hero Promo Cards To be given out randomly to the top 8 players at the conclusion of swiss rounds. There will be 2 different Heros, which will be announced at a latter date.
2x Alluring Inducement Playmats To be awarded to the 1st and 2nd placed players.
1x Pro Tour 4 Invitation There is no physical Pro Tour invitation. Completing your event in GEM will provide LSS with the winners details and therefore qualify that player for Pro Tour 4.
The Pro Tour invite is awarded to the winner of each event (or the losing finalist if the winner has already qualified via another in-store ProQuest event).
1x Judge Pack Handed out to the head judge once the event has concluded.
1x Pack of Judge Sleeves Handed out to the floor judge once the event has concluded.

Judge Support

The following is provided to reward your Head Judge:

  • 1x Judge Pack of the current season.

The following is provided to up to one Floor Judge, if any, otherwise to the Head Judge:

  • 1x Pack of Judge Sleeves

The judge support must be provided to your Head Judge/Floor Judge only. It is not allowed to be used as door or spot prizes for the players or given to non-Judge staff members. Judge Support is not allowed to be used as compensation.

LSS provides this Judge Support to reward judges for their skills and dedication shown towards the game and is not allowed be used to replace any compensation they would otherwise receive for working a Pro Quest event.

Rules Enforcement, Judges and Decklists

Are decklists required?
Yes ! Decklists are mandatory for these events, you can find the Deck Registration Sheets here.

Booster Draft events will require card pool registration. Please refer to our Booster Draft Guide on Judge Hub for further details. A Bright Lights Card Pool Registration Sheet will be provided before the season begins.

What level of rules enforcement is Pro Quest run at?
This event is run at a Competitive rules enforcement level.

Will I need a Judge for this event?
Pro Quest events MUST have a Level 1 or higher judge as head judge. The judge program has qualified over 1500+ Level 1+ judges up to date.

How do find a judge for my event?
f you are not already in touch with a judge in your community, you have the following options available after signing up on JudgeHub.

You can search for Judge near you via the search function or via the map function, and a direct message function is available to message them.

Additionally, the Judge community is organized in regions. Each region has a Judge Community Representative who is a contact point for the Judges in each region and can also be contacted by organizers to find local judges for their events.

If you have locals or employees (not involved in the ProQuest event administratively on the day of the event) they also can certify until the event itself. You can find a community written article on how to become a Judge here.

One more option is to make an event on JudgeHub to have Judges apply, a guide to this and more functions can be found here


As with previous event series, we are collecting information from stores for feature articles on our website. All compulsory information is being collected via GEM and the Hero Assignment feature. All coverage information is being collected via our ProQuest coverage form.

In particular, we are looking for:

  • Winning decklists
  • A photo of the winner
  • A group photo of the Top 8
  • General event photos
  • Stories of players, matches, or the day

We appreciate any and all information that stores can provide for our coverage articles; please note that we cannot feature every store that provides coverage information. We look forward to hearing your stories! If you have any questions about the form or want to submit additional information, please email the team at

Further Questions

Can players who are already qualified for the Pro Tour (such as by winning another ProQuest) play in my store’s event?
Yes, players who are already qualified for the Pro Tour can participate in your Pro Quest event. However, there is no additional benefit to a player qualifying for the same Pro Tour multiple times. If a player who is already qualified through Pro Quest wins the event then the qualification will pass down to the other finalist. The pass down does not go any further than the other finalist.

Can I run this event at a location that is not my store?
Pro Quest events can be run at alternate locations. However, location descriptions need to be entered when you create the event in GEM.

Can store staff play in these events?
The Tournament Organizer (TO) and judges cannot play in the event. Store staff that are not involved in the administration of the event are allowed. The Tournament Organizer (TO) can not be a judge at the event. For details, please consult the Tournament Rules.

Where can I find digital assets for Facebook, Twitter and website use?
You can find them here Pro Quest Season 4 - Digital Assets