Pack 1, Pick 1 - Monarch Draft Week 4

24th May 2021 Calum Gittins

Ahhh I love the smell of freshly cracked packs in the morning! Its time once again to dive into a pack of 1st Edition Monarch and decide what to take as our first pick! If you don't know what we're on about, don't worry, as always here's a quick rundown on the draft format:

We all know the team likes to stay open in draft, but what about when there's only a couple of generics to choose from? Take a look at this pack and see what you would take!

Impenetrable Belief (1)
Seek Enlightenment (3)
Stony Woottonhog (2)
Void Wraith (1)
Ghostly Visit (3)
Ironhide Legs
Unhallowed Rites (3)
Seeds of Agony (1)
Rip Through Reality (1)
Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell (3)
Deadwood Rumbler (2)
Valiant Thrust (3)
Express Lightning (1)
Take Flight (2)
Herald of Rebirth (1)

Lots of good options there! Once you've figured out your pick, click on the link to the video below and see what our team would choose and who you agree with!