Outsiders Spoilers

3rd Mar 2023 Legend Story Studios

Outsiders preview season runs March 4 - 6.

This page is updated daily with links to the latest spoilers to help you find your next preview fix!

The Outsiders Card Gallery will be updated throughout the weekend!

All dates are Eastern Standard Time (EST)


  • Infect + Spike with Bloodrot - MinMaxGames (Calling Indianapolis)
  • Sedate + Spike with Inertia - Strike Zone (Calling Indianapolis)
  • Wither + Spike With Frailty - Realm Games (Calling Indianapolis)
  • Bonds of Ancestry Magnolia Gaming (Calling Indianapolis)
  • Quiver of Rustling Leaves - Mark Poole (Calling Indianapolis)
  • Collapsing Trap - James' Trap Update Article
  • Dishonor - Dragon Shield
  • Piece of Mind - Team Covenant
  • Be like Water - Sushi Knight Gaming (Calling Auckland)
  • Head Leads the Tail - One Collectible (Calling Auckland)
  • PCG (Calling Auckland)


Saturday March 4

Sunday March 5

Monday March 6 - Outsiders Box Breaks

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