Watch Your Step...

17th Feb 2023 James White

When designing Outsiders, we wanted to revisit traps to differentiate the two Rangers that feature in the product, and also because they offer a natural shared flavor that sits well within the Assassin / Ranger hybrid cards.

The problem was, we just couldn’t get traps to a state of playability with the hardwired condition that they had to be played from arsenal. This condition made it impossible to draft a functional trap deck or be able to make a constructed deck with a high density of traps. You simply had too many turn cycles with multiple cards that couldn’t defend from hand.

To date, the only traps that exist are the three printed in Crucible of War, which have seen very little play.

The card type trap has so much flavour attached to it, that we made the decision to update the comprehensive rules to remove the baggage holding it back. Going forward, the trap card type is simply a card type label, a property that defines the card as being a trap and therefore makes it interact with other game pieces that care about traps, such as when a trap triggers.

The original three traps from Crucible of War are receiving errata to change what was previously italic reminder text into functional card text. This means they will continue to function as they always have and remain consistent with what is written on the card.

March Armory Kit includes a tuck box with 36 original traps with updated card faces (in addition to normal prize materials). They look like this:

These updated trap cards can be distributed at the discretion of stores who receive them. We do expect the original traps to be relevant after the release of Outsiders, alongside a few other little surprises Riptide has been working on. Watch your step…

Collapsing Trap