National Championships 2021

10th Sep 2021

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With the Road to Nationals season in full swing, we know players have been keenly awaiting information about their National Championship events.

We have partners and venues in place for a lot of the tournaments now, and the rest are now in the late stages of planning. We wanted to release all the confirmed details though, so that if you've already qualified via Road to Nationals, or if you're intending to go anyway, you can start planning around these dates.

We'll be updating this article with further details over the next few weeks as we finalise the venue bookings for the remaining events. If the details of your country’s National Championship are missing, please know that we’re working hard to get these locked in as quickly as possible.

Nationals 2021 - Fact Sheet (update)

Please see the link below for the National Championship 2021 Fact Sheet.

NB: Details are subject to change, particularly due to local health and safety guidelines related to Covid-19.

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Invitation-only vs Open-entry Events

Details for these events have been split into two categories:

  • Invitation-only National Championships
  • Open-entry National Championships

Invitation-only events

In countries with larger, more established player bases qualifying for Nationals is part of the overall journey - a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience for dedicated players who secure their spot. However, we still very much want to include the overall community, and the Tournament Organisers for these events will be offering a mixture of casual and competitive side events across the weekend, alongside the centrepiece National Championships event.

Players can qualify for invitation-only National Championship events by:

  • Placing in the Top 4 of a Road to Nationals event
  • Receiving an invite via 90-day XP
  • Using a PTI

The 90-day XP qualification period has now been UPDATED to the following dates:

  • Saturday 3 July (12:01am PST) - Friday 1 October (11:59pm PST).

Invitations do not pass down. For example:

  • The Top 4 at a RTN event are already qualified for Nationals.
    • These invites would not pass down to the next 4 players in the standings.
  • A player offered a 90-day XP invitation is unable to attend Nationals.
    • Their invite would not be passed down to the next eligible player.

The only exception to this is players who obtain an invitation via a RTN event that are also eligible for a 90-day XP invite. These players will not “use up” a 90-day XP invitation, and it will be offered to the next eligible player on the 90-day XP leaderboards.

There is no entry fee required for invitation-only National Championships.

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Open-entry events

For countries with newer, or smaller, player bases, the National Championship is designed to be both a competitive event, as well as a fantastic opportunity to be as inclusive as possible by making these events open-entry. We want to provide these communities with an opportunity to play in a Premier-level tournament, while also providing an opportunity to meet up with other players from your country in the flesh and blood and help grow the overall community.

Players who qualified via the Top 4 of a Road to Nationals event will automatically receive free entry to these events, while other players will be able to purchase a ticket to the event. Please note that tickets for these events will not be available until shortly after the conclusion of the current Road to Nationals season on September 5th.

North America - Invitation Only

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
USA November 5-7 TBC ChannelFireball Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida)

USA Nationals Venue

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Canada November 13-14 96 Dolly's Toys and Games International Center (Toronto)

Europe - Invitation Only

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
United Kingdom October 29-31 96 Living Realms Royal Armouries Museum (Leeds)

UK Nationals Venue

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Poland November 13-14 96 Centrum gier Pegaz Collegium Copernicanum UKW (Bydgoszcz)

Poland Nationals Venue

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Germany November 6-7 96 White Rabbit Veranstaltungszentrum Kaue (Gelsenkirchen)

German Nationals venue

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Spain November 6-7 64 Azkaban Juegos Hotel Amura Alcobendas (Madrid)

Hotel Amura Alcobendas

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Netherlands November 13-14 48 Kai of Cards BIT-MeetMe (Ede)


Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
France November 6-7 48 Ludiworld Hotel Campanile Bussy Saint Georges (Paris)

Europe - Open Entry

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Austria November 6th 48 SpielRaum In-store
Belgium November 14th 72 Brood en Spelen In-store
Bulgaria November 7th 48 Drugiyat Zamak In-store
Denmark November 13th 48 Topdeck Carlsbergvej 34, 3400 Hillerød
Finland November 13th 32 Oh My Game! TBC
Greece November 14th 48 Organizedplay.EU President Hotel - Europa Hall A + B (Athens)
Italy November 28th TBC Digital Replay TBC
Norway November 6th 48 POKE4DAYZ In-store
Portugal November 6th 32 GG Lounge In-store
Sweden November 13th 32 Alara Games In-store
Switzerland November 7th 32 KABOOOM In-store

APAC - Invitation Only

Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
Australia* TBC* 96 RC Crew Games TBC
Hong Kong November 26-28 96 BattlegroundHK Organize Kwun Tong
Malaysia** November 6-7 48** AK Games Suntrack Space
Singapore TBC 96 Bricks Play TBC
Taiwan November 20-21* 96 Fayble TBC (Taipei)
Country Date Player Cap Hosted by Venue
New Zealand October 23-24 96 Sushi Knight Sky Stadium (Wellington)

Sky Stadium

*Pending local Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

**Malaysian Nationals will be open entry

Good luck to everyone looking to secure your invitation to a National Championship event!