The Calling: Las Vegas Coverage Stream

10th Sep 2021 Legend Story Studios

Don't miss a moment of The Calling Las Vegas! Follow the event as RedZoneRogue, DM Armada, Tannon Grace and Channel Fireball bring you all of the action throughout the main event!

Tag your posts with #fabtcg and #FABLasVegas - the official hashtag for the weekend!

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Tales of Aria World Premiere

877 players showed up on Friday for the Tales of Aria world premiere! Six rounds of sealed deck with the brand new Flesh and Blood release. At the end of the event, 11 players stood undefeated including 10 representing the USA alongside NZ #4 Sean Yang. A couple of Canadian players who made the trip down to Las Vegas made their way into the the 5-1 bracket, including Dante Delfico, the first Canadian player to reach 1,000 XP.

We hope everyone had a great time at the event - it was a fantastic way to start off the weekend!

Undefeated Players at the Tales of Aria World Premiere
Sean Yang
Cody Williams
Alexander Vore
Joe Colon
Steven Rodriguez
Paul Santos
Eli Plumb
Andrew Wallace
Rodrigo Martinez
Jonathan Tarris
Steven Weigelt