Part the Mistveil

22nd Mar 2024 Legend Story Studios

For ten thousand years our ancestors have walked the path well traveled.

Like the tiger stalking its prey... They have waited.

Like the snake hiding in the murky water... They have waited.

Like the waning faces of the moon... They have waited.

Until now.

The truth lies beyond the mist.

Part the Mistveil beckons you to venture beyond the veil to the hanging villages suspended between the perilous terrain of Misteria's canyons and gullies. Discover the secrets of a land steeped in mystique, where tradition, desire, and purpose will reshape your mind, body, and soul.

Releasing May 31st, 2024, Part the Mistveil reveals the long awaited talent of heroes from Misteria... and it's unlike anything seen before!

Part the Mistveil also marks a major milestone in the global growth story of Flesh and Blood, being the first set to launch in Japanese language alongside English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish!

Introducing the new Mystic talent and featuring Assassin, Illusionist, and Ninja classes, Part the Mistveil is a beautifully crafted set for fans of Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, Constructed, and collecting alike.

Key Dates

  • Preview Season: May 11th-13th
  • World Premiere: May 17th
  • Calling: Tokyo (Part the Mistveil limited): May 18th-19th
  • Pre-Release Events: May 24th-27th
  • Street Release: May 31st
  • Play Day Events: May 31st - June 2nd


Empty your mind. Let your essence ebb, let it flow. Become one with everything, and one with nothing. Transcend beyond the manifestation of the physical.

Find your inner Chi.

Find your true self.

Part the Mistveil introduces Chi, a new type of resource unique to the Mystic talent.

blue resource

But discovery of one's inner Chi is a journey that takes time - for a some, a lifetime. Many journeys begin, and few complete. For those who journey deep within themselves and reach the crossroads of harmony between mind, body, and soul, transcendence awaits.

Nuu, Alluring Desire
Nuu, Alluring Desire
Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry
Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry
Zen, Tamer of Purpose
Zen, Tamer of Purpose

World Premiere: Tokyo

That's right, we're going to Japan! Join us in the heart of Tokyo's entertainment district, at the Belle Salle Takadanobaba, for the World Premiere of Part the Mistveil on Friday May 17th, followed by the first Japanese Calling on Saturday May 18th, and a Battle Hardened on Sunday May 19th.

There will be simultaneous Japanese and English World Premiere events running side by side, to cater for the significant number of international fans travelling to this landmark event.

The World Premiere features one of the most beautiful promos we've ever made (to be revealed on April 2nd) as the commemorative card for all players who participate. Along with a selection of event-exclusive merchandise, special guests, featured cosplayers, and weekend-long schedule packed full of competitive, casual, and social gaming, this is an event you just simply can't miss!

  • May 17th: World Premiere (Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck)
  • May 18th-19th: Calling (Day 1 - Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck / Day 2 - Part the Mistveil Booster Draft)
  • May 19th: Battle Hardened (Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck)


Pre-Release Events will be running in more than 1400 local game stores across the world, from Friday May 24th through to Monday May 27th, 2024.

An announcement will be published on in the coming weeks with full details and the event locator for Part the Mistveil Pre-Release Events.

Play Day

Release weekend will feature Play Day Events, intended to be a fun, low-stakes way for casual players to enjoy exploring new cards from Part the Mistveil.

The suggested format for Play Day Events is Blitz Preconstructed, with players ideally using Blitz Decks from the Part the Mistveil Blitz Collection box set, or alternatively a Heavy Hitters Blitz Deck.

Local game stores who host Armory Events will receive a 6-card Play Day promo pack as part of their June Armory Kit. The promo pack includes two rainbow foil copies of each signature weapon belonging to the three heroes in Part the Mistveil.

It is recommended that the first six players who sign up to play as a Part the Mistveil hero receive a Play Day promo, and that where possible, they receive the rainbow foil signature weapon for the hero they are playing.

Play Day Events will take place in Armory Event stores across the world on the weekend of Friday May 31st to Sunday June 2nd.

Expansion Slot

The Expansion Slot returns with 13 new cards covering a range of heroes and classes outside of those featured in Part the Mistveil.

The Expansion Slot replaces a token in around 1 in 15 boosters.

In limited, Expansion Slot cards are removed from the pack and kept by the person who opened them, the same as you do with cold foils and Legendary-rarity cards. Simply remove the last two cards from the booster pack before adding the rest to your card pool, which will be:

  • 2 token cards, or
  • 1 token + an Expansion Slot card, or
  • 1 token + a Legendary-rarity card, or
  • 1 token + a cold foil card

Non-token cards removed this way can NOT be included in a player's limited deck.

Booster Configuration

  • Set code: MST
  • 239* card set (1 Fabled, 6* Legendary, 43 Majestic, 54 Rares, 123 Commons, 12 Tokens, 18* Marvels)
  • 16 cards per pack, 24 packs per display, 4 displays per case
  • Designed for Booster Draft (3 packs), Sealed Deck (8 packs), and Constructed play
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
  • MSRP per display: $109.90 USD / €109.90 EUR / $139.90 CAD / $159.90 AUD / $159.90 NZD / ¥13,200 JPY
  • MAP - Minimum Advertised Price (USA and Canada only): MSRP less 20% (MAP policy here)
  • Release Celebration Promos: 8 iconic cards from Part the Mistveil available in rainbow foil from eligible stores while stocks last.

*Japanese language product has 1 additional Legendary and Marvel.

NEW! Blitz Deck Collection - EN

Ready-to-play out of the box, the Part the Mistveil Blitz Deck Collection provides everything you need to begin your journey beyond the veil.

Includes three Part the Mistveil Blitz Decks (Nuu, Enigma, Zen), three Part the Mistveil booster packs that can be used to customise each of the decks, and a beautiful Misteria Hanging Village rubber playmat with zones, all packaged inside a reusable 1000ct Mistcloak Gully-themed storage box.

This is the perfect product for a new player to begin their Flesh and Blood journey of discovery, or as a treasured gift for the Flesh and Blood fan in your life.

Each Part the Mistveil Blitz Deck contains 40 cards, plus hero, weapon, equipment, and token cards, with each deck containing a rainbow foil hero card and non-foil extended art cards exclusive to that deck. Each Part the Mistveil booster pack contains 16 cards.

  • Available languages: English
  • MSRP per Collection: $69.90 USD / €69.90 EUR / $89.90 CAD / $99.90 AUD / $99.90 NZD
  • MAP - Minimum Advertised Price (USA and Canada only): MSRP less 20% (MAP policy here)

Blitz Decks - JP

  • 40 cards, plus hero, weapon, equipment, and tokens cards per deck (Each deck contains a rainbow foil hero card and non-foil extended art cards exclusive to that deck)
  • 6 decks per display (2 of each hero), 4 displays per case
  • Designed to learn and explore the new heroes of Part the Mistveil
  • Available languages: Japanese
  • MSRP per deck: ¥1,500 JPY
  • Early access to Part the Mistveil Blitz Decks will be available at Road to Tokyo events running across Japan on the weekend of May 10th-12th