World Premiere: Part the Mistveil

23rd Feb 2024

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For ten thousand years our ancestors have walked the path well traveled.

Like the tiger stalking its prey... They have waited.

Like the snake hiding in the murky water... They have waited.

Like the waning faces of the moon... They have waited.

Until now.

The truth lies beyond the mist.

mst key art

The mist beckons you to Japan for the World Premiere of Part the Mistveil and Calling: Tokyo, taking place from May 17th-19th, 2024! Featuring the brand new Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck format across the entire weekend, discover the ancient traditions and talents of Misteria that have laid hidden beneath the mistveil for centuries... Until now.

That's right, you're not dreaming, we're going to Japan! Join us in the heart of Tokyo's entertainment district, at the Belle Salle Takadanobaba, for the World Premiere on Friday May 17th, followed by the first ever Japanese Calling on Saturday May 18th, and a Battle Hardened on Sunday May 19th. More than $20,000 USD is waiting to be claimed, among other exclusive prizes yet to be revealed!

Part the Mistveil draws you deep into the cloaked valleys of Misteria, where tradition, desire, and purpose will reshape your mind, body, and soul. Releasing on May 31st, 2024, Part the Mistveil marks the long-awaited arrival of a new Talent unlike anything Rathe has seen before, and is the first ever Flesh and Blood set to launch in Japanese language alongside English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish!

Flesh and Blood creator James White says:

“For years passionate TCG players across Japan have patiently waited for Flesh and Blood to be available in their mother tongue. Now, after years of planning, we’re incredibly excited to officially bring Flesh and Blood to the motherland of the TCG industry, marking a massive milestone for Legend Story Studios and the status of Flesh and Blood as a truly global game. As the creator and lead designer, from the 13 booster sets we have released since 2019, Part the Mistveil is the one I am most proud of. I'm very happy that it is with our best work yet that players will celebrate this milestone and welcome our new Japanese fans into the global Flesh and Blood community."

We welcome TCG fans in Japan to join us on the Road to Tokyo, with Learn to Play Welcome Events and early-access Part the Mistveil Blitz Preconstructed Deck Events running in stores across Japan, starting May 3rd. Learn, train, and master the Sacred Arts of Misteria, and you could become the next Calling Champion! More information on Road to Tokyo events will be revealed soon on and

Tickets to World Premiere: Part the Mistveil and Calling: Tokyo will go live at this website: on Saturday, February 24th at 20:00 JST (Japan Standard Time). Save the date, book your flights, and prepare to venture deep into the mist to discover truths, traditions, and perhaps even your inner self, waiting under its cloak...