Los Angeles Keynote Summary

22nd Mar 2024 Kasharn Rao

Wow! Those lucky enough to witness the secrets spilled during tonight's Keynote Presentation at the Pro Tour: Los Angeles Player Reception are no doubt frothing at the mouth with excitement. It's truly a special honour to watch these events live in person, but for those of you at home suffering from major FOMO - here's a recap of all the juicy highlights you missed!


Part the Mistveil

The long awaited journey into Misteria has finally taken its first bold step with the thrilling reveal of three new heroes! Part the Mistveil features the new Mystic talent, and is the first Flesh and Blood Booster set to launch in Japanese language! Check out the teaser trailer below - did it give you goosebumps?

Nuu, Alluring Desire - A seductive Assassin who visits her targets in their dreams, luring them down into the water to die by a single venomous strike. Nuu uses stealth to keep her prey guessing, hiding fatal attack reactions behind an alluring smile.

Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry - A lone Illusionist carrying centuries-old tales and traditions within her ancestral tapestry, she is an ever-changing mystery like the waxing and waning moon. Enigma uses Spectral Shields to ward off damage while building up to her true form.

Zen, Tamer of Purpose - A balanced Ninja empowered by years of training and discipline, hunting his true purpose by following the winds. Zen uses the art of the Crouching Tiger to weave martial attacks together in quick succession.

World Championship

Just when you thought the hype was at its peak, James dropped a BANGER headline - the 2024 World Championship will be held in Osaka, Japan! Pack your bags from October 31st to November 3rd for the biggest and bravest Flesh and Blood tournament yet!


A number of Callings were also announced, including Tampa Bay, Sydney, Lyon, Portland, and Chicago! You may have already seen a number of Battle Hardened events announced on the Organised Play page, with Columbus, San Diego, Milwaukee, and Washington DC added to the mix!

Armory Decks

You asked - we delivered! Armory Deck: Kayo hits shelves on May 3rd, a new ready-to-play Classic Constructed deck that can compete at Armory level. Featuring both new and existing cards, this is the perfect opportunity for new players to swing big at their local game store!

kayo deck

More Armory Decks are on the way, with the second one arriving in July this year. August will see a new innovative product for beginners - 1st Strike decks! And of course, the mysterious 14th Booster set is scheduled for release in September. What a time to be alive!

FAB to Japan

It's no secret that we're going HARD on celebrating our recent launch into Japan! Between the World Premiere of Part the Mistveil, Calling: Tokyo, and World Championship: Osaka - we look forward to welcoming Japanese TCG fans into our international FAB family. Those looking to join us on the path well travelled can find our brand new Japanese Welcome page below: