Excellence in Brand Storytelling

27th Nov 2023 Legend Story Studios

On November 24th, Legend Story Studios took home the Excellence in Brand Storytelling Award at the New Zealand International Business Awards, which recognises a business that excels in marketing themselves internationally, and in doing so make New Zealand even more famous for great stuff.


Here's what the judges had to say:

“Legend Story Studios has an amazing story, with the company creating a brand and product that is completely unexpected. The judges loved how they effectively used market hype and influencers to promote and grow their brand, leveraging their engaged community to achieve outstanding market penetration.”

Flesh and Blood is now available in over 4000 stores across nearly 50 countries, and we at Legend Story Studios are immensely proud to be one of the few major gaming studios in New Zealand.

Here's what James White had to say:

“Legend Story Studios winning the award is a huge boost for the gaming industry in New Zealand, raising the profile of gaming studios as a force of nature in New Zealand as the sector continues to rise. I want to thank the players of our game, the stores who stock us, our entire community and the team which has helped us win this prestigious award.”

Never be afraid to put in the hard yards for a dream you truly care about. We plan to continue our commitment to quality storytelling and dynamic gameplay, and we hope you will all stick with us as we journey onwards and upwards!