Chane ascends to Living Legend

21st Nov 2023

Skirmish week 1 results are in, and Chane reminded us all one final time that he is one of the greatest heroes to ever walk the land of Rathe. With one final dominant performance winning 27% of Skirmish week 1 events, Chane has hit exactly 500 LL points, and ascends to Living Legend status.

With the newly announced weekly Living Legend check, this means Chane and his signature weapon Galaxxi Black will no longer be legal for official Blitz tournament play as of Friday November 24.

While this is a great milestone for Chane, it also serves as perfect example of the intention of the recent change to weekly Living Legend checks. Instead of seeing the remainder of the Skirmish season continue to be dominated by Chane, we all can look forward to a fresh metagame for the remainder of Skirmish Season.

With Chane attaining Living Legend status, the following cards will be removed from the Blitz suspended list as of Friday November 24, 2023:

  • Seeds of Agony
  • Soul Reaping