Skirmish Season 8 Events

25th Oct 2023

While the fat cats sit in their copper towers counting their equally fat stacks of cash, bottom feeders like us roam the streets looking for something to break. Rev up those engines because tonight we're gonna blow it all apart and reveal the true face of Metrix in all its ugly beauty!

Put the pedal to the metal from November 18th to December 10th with Skirmish events running worldwide! Skirmish events are a great opportunity for fresh faces to get started in competitive organised play, while also challenging veteran players.

Season 8 will thrust you into the bustling streets of Metrix with a mix of Blitz and Bright Lights Sealed Deck. Test out the vast array of cutting edge Mechanologist technology, or choose to blow it all to pieces!

Kicking off alongside World Championship: Barcelona, this Skirmish is set to be a truly worldwide celebration of Flesh and Blood, running for an extra week to allow European stores to pack in the best of both worlds, and providing more options for stores overall during the busy holiday season.

Each store running a Skirmish event will receive a prize kit containing the following:

Prize Distribution
3x Teklo Core (Cold Foil) 1 is awarded to the winner, the other 2 awarded at random.
36x Mechanical Strength (Extended Art Rainbow Foil) Given out as participation prizes.
2x Ironsong Versus playmats 1 each awarded to 1st and 2nd place finishers.

Skirmish Season 8 - Prize Kit

Skirmish events award XP and are a great way to secure ratings based invitations to Premier Events. They're also fantastic for getting amongst your local community for some great games.

To find an event near you check the Event Locator!