Calling: Taipei is this weekend!

12th Oct 2023 Kasharn Rao

The Calling returns to Taiwan this weekend!

From October 13th to 15th players will congregate in Taipei to thrash each other across several rounds of Classic Constructed. Only one will emerge as Calling Champion, claiming the Gold Foil, PTI, and lion's share of $10,000 USD!

The world of Rathe has changed with the advent of new technology released in Bright Lights! Will the three plucky new Mechanologists boost their way to victory, or will they fall to the old ways?

It wouldn't be a Calling without awesome side events, prizes, and special guests! Join us in Taipei for a weekend you'll always remember.

Those of you who can't make it, don't worry - we have your back with live coverage!

calling dori

Things to do...

Kick off the weekend with a special FATE FORSEALED event, featuring Bright Lights Sealed Deck, and snap up one of those beautiful Chinese Fate Foreseen promos!

Rip open booster packs in the Battle Hardened, fight your way to the top, and you could win a Gold Foil, PTI, exclusive playmat, and share of $2,000 USD! Or dive into any of the thrilling side events on offer, like Super Armory, Shapeshifter Sealed, Commoner, Ultimate Pit Fight, and 3 Pack Crack, Shuffle, Play!

Bring your favourite Flesh and Blood character to life in the Cosplay Contest and you could win a coveted Taylor promo and the stunning new Fabric cards!

Make sure to check the Fayble public event schedule so you don't miss any of the action!

People to see...

We have an absolutely stacked guest list coming to Calling: Taipei, so now is your chance to meet legends in the community.

Masters behind the breathtaking art of Flesh and Blood, Wisnu Tan (Rhinar, Reckless Rampage), Lius Lasahido (Dorinthea Ironsong), Isuardi Therianto (Nasreth, the Soul Harrower), Kevin Sidharta (Seek and Destroy), Arif Wijaya (Scar for a Scar), Yolanda Felicia (Red in the Ledger), Federico Musetti (Vynnset, Iron Maiden), and Nathaniel Himawan (Flick Knives) will be posted at Artist Alley!

A warm welcome to our superstar lineup of special guests, Three Floating, One Two Juice, Arsenal Pass, Library of FAB, Calling: Singapore Champion Nick Butcher, and Legend Story Studios' own Newsun Zeng!

Where to watch?

The whole weekend is being live streamed from our YouTube channel, so make sure to tune in and catch some next level games!

We'll also have a Mini Live Blog running throughout the weekend, with up to date pairings, results, and standings, as well as snapshots brought to you from local writers!