Heavy Hitters World Premiere - Queenstown

12th Oct 2023 Legend Story Studios


The smell hits you first.

Blood… Sweat… Steel…

Feral crowds roar loud as the thumping in your chest. You step into the arena, hot sand billowing at your feet. Drinks are poured, wagers are made, weapons are drawn…

Gold and glory is yours for the taking… If you survive the Deathmatch!

heavy hitters key art

Journey to the birthplace of Flesh and Blood to engage in the bloodiest battle Rathe has ever seen! Enter the ring with the World Premiere of Heavy Hitters at Calling: Queenstown in New Zealand from January 19th-21st, 2024.

It’s back-to-back brutality all weekend long at the Queenstown Events Centre, as the world’s deadliest combatants clash for the coveted title of Champion! This is the first chance for players to get their hands on Heavy Hitters, which hits shelves on February 2nd, 2024.

If the coliseum carnage wasn’t enough, we are raising a mug to salute the entire Flesh and Blood community with a once in a lifetime Celebrational! Featuring your favourite FAB faces from all over the globe, we call upon you all to join us in New Zealand, in the Flesh and Blood, for glorious great games and smashing good times!

queenstown final market

Throw yourself into the ring headfirst on Friday with the World Premiere of Heavy Hitters! Tearing through packs of the new set, players will build their decks and witness first hand how vicious the arena can be!

The real Deathmatch begins on Saturday with the Calling, as players throw hands in a savage Heavy Hitters Sealed Deck showdown! The weak will be crushed as veterans fight tooth and nail in Day 2 with Heavy Hitters Booster Draft. But only one will rise above the rest to be crowned Champion, seizing the victor’s share of $20,000!

Bloodshed doesn’t stop there as players bond over their battle scars on Sunday with a Heavy Hitters Team Sealed Battle Hardened! Learn from harsh lessons, build up from bare bones, claim your cut of $3,000, and watch as the crowd goes wild!


Every single one of you brings something different to the table. To show how proud we are of our community, and to acknowledge Flesh and Blood entering its 5th YEAR, we are hosting a special Celebrational! We have put together a truly exceptional guest list of esteemed FAB celebrities and local community superstars who will join us in Queenstown, in honour of the countless ways people contribute and bring amazing energy to the international Flesh and Blood family.

The Celebrational will take place from January 17th-18th, right before the World Premiere and Calling action kicks off. This prestigious event will be livestreamed for all the dedicated fans who can’t make it in person.

We will announce the 2024 Celebrational guest list at World Championship: Barcelona during Player Reception. We urge you all to save the date, start booking flights and accommodation, and join us in New Zealand to meet heroes of the community in the Flesh and Blood!