Calling: Las Vegas and Nationals is this weekend!

23rd Aug 2023 Kasharn Rao

Get ready to win big at the iconic Westgate Resort!

All eyes will be on the United States this weekend as the best players America has to offer go toe to toe for the prestigious title of National Champion! With Gold Foils, World Championship Invites, and a whopping $50,000 USD up for grabs, this event will truly be a sight to behold!

Come one come all, to Calling: Las Vegas! Running alongside Nationals, the Calling will offer anyone who dares to enter the ring the opportunity to rise above and claim the bounty of prizes, including a share of $20,000 USD, as well as the title of Calling Champion!

With a volatile Classic Constructed metagame, players will need to bring everything they've got to dodge the arrows, brave the ice, slay the dragons, read the runes, and outmuscle the showstoppers if they want to have any chance at etching their name on the Roll of Honor!

The forces of Light and Shadow converge to test everything players have learned, pushing their Monarch draft skills to the absolute limit, as the epic struggle thins the ranks of both sides, until only the bloodstained victors remain.

Briar walks along a razor sharp edge this season, facing down what will likely be her last adventure in the coming weeks. Let's hear you cry "2 and 2" as you charge into battle with Rosetta Thorn one more time!

Some exceptional side events are going down at Westgate Resort this weekend, so even if you're not keen to dive into the craziness of the main events, round up the gang and come down to join us for an awesome experience.

Those of you keeping your eyes peeled for the action from afar - worry not, we've got you covered!



Don't forget to register! Snap up a ticket package now to secure your spot at any of the several events going down, and get yourself some sweet promos to boot! Make sure to check the Star City Games public event schedule so you can stay on top of everything happening.

Things to do... People to see...

Show 'em what you're made of in the Blitz Battle Hardened, and you could walk home with a Gold Foil, PTI, and share of $2000 USD! Or dive into the Super Armory, Shapeshifter Sealed, World Guide Commoner, Silver Palms Ultimate Pit Fight, Welcome to Rathe Alpha Draft, or any of the other fantastic side events taking place. Rack up those prize tickets and get your hands on some stunning goodies!

Break out the wardrobe and show us your masterpiece! The exclusive Taylor promo, as well as new 'Fabric' promo cards, playmats, and more are on the sewing table for those who take part in the Cosplay Contest!

This is your chance to meet the masters! Esteemed artists Mark Poole (Plague Hive) and Steve Argyle (Viserai, Runeblood) will be manning Artist Alley for all your signing needs. The Live Stream will be handled by experts Sam O'Byrne and Pankaj Bhojwani, along with renowned content creators Flake and Red Zone Rogue. Legend Story Studio's own game developer Bryan Gottlieb and North American OP Manager Francesca Volante will also be in attendance!

Where to watch?

Stay tuned for the Star City Games Live Stream running all weekend long! If you're hoping to catch the action from the comfort of your living room - you'll be able to link into the stream from the Event Page, Live Blog, and the homepage, easy as that!

We'll also have a mini Live Blog bringing you up to date pairings, results, standings, and snapshots from local writers!