Building the City of Tomorrow

9th Mar 2020 James White

Dash Story 2A

Metrix, the City of Tomorrow, attracts aspirational folk from across Rathe, with its bright lights and neon signs all subconsciously saying the same thing - "Make it big in Metrix and make your dreams come true!"

The commercial hub and melting pot of Rathe, commerce rules in Metrix. The power matrix is dominated by two major corporations, filled with hopeful researchers spanning the many specializations of science, looking to strike gold with new inventions and alternative energy sources to propel Metrix into the future!

One such mega corporation is Teklo Industries, famous for their ergonomic steam-tech and human augmentation technologies. Let me introduce you to the rebellious daughter of the current Teklo CEO...

Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

High Life or Highway?

Being the daughter of a Teklo magnate, comes with the expectation that Dash should live a privileged and protected life within the Metrix spires, above the challenges and dangers of the bustling everyday whereabouts below. However, there is a slight problem that throws a spanner in the works... Dash likes to go fast, really really fast, and not only that, she has the greatest Mech Tech in all of Rathe at her inventive disposal to do so!

Throttle (1)
Throttle (2)
Throttle (3)

Boost is a Mechanologist keyword that plays into the Metrix pursuit for alternative energy sources, in this instance, your deck as your gas tank. Tap the boost button for a burst of speed, but pump the pedal too often, and you'll quickly find yourself running low on gas.

Boost also keys into a theme of Metrix culture; efficiency through commitment to a single specialization of science. To be a great Mechanologist, you must commit 100% to your profession. If your deck is 100% Mechanologist cards, the payoff is your boost will never fail!

The Genius Inventor

Born into the city of tomorrow to scientists of Teklo Industries, she grew up surrounded by some of the greatest minds in all of Rathe. With a slew of hand-crafted gadgets and inventions at her disposal, she has the perfect tools to spice up each encounter; be it amping up her speed, optimising her attacks, or even defending against pesky Wizards!

Hyper Driver
Cognition Nodes
Aether Sink

The city of Metrix rose to prominence on the back of its steam technology that is able to convert and store energy as steam charges. Many of Dash's items allow you to spend a resource point now, and get the effect later. Effectively storing up energy in your Mechanologist items, enables your power plays that leave the opposition eating your dust!

Rules tips:

  • You choose the item you will start the game with at the same time you choose equipment. The item you choose is considered towards the minimum deck size you must present. For example, in limited formats (Sealed Deck / Booster Draft) you can present a 29 card deck + the item you have chosen. In Classic Constructed you can present a 59 card deck + the item you have chosen.
  • You can activate the "steam charging" effect of an item multiple times in the same turn, although it will only get a steam counter if it doesn't already have one.
  • Hyper-driver's effect is not optional. With Hyper-driver in play, it's sometimes correct to not boost even when you could, to preserve the steam counters to power out your power plays!
  • Aether Sink has Arcane Barrier 2, which means you can pay two resource points to prevent two arcane damage from a single source, ie. you can't pay one resource point to prevent one arcane damage... that would be Arcane Barrier 1, such as the Nullrune equipment.
Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Robe
Nullrune Gloves
Nullrune Boots

We've reached the finish line!

Stay tuned to the spoiler update thread as we race through more boost attacks, and steam powered contraptions over the coming days!