Inventor Extraordinaire

A young mechanologist from the city's elite caste, Dash is a brilliant inventor full of wild ideas and the spark of genius. Born into the city of tomorrow to scientists of Teklo Industries, she grew up surrounded by some of the greatest minds in all of Rathe. And as she explored the world around her, she fell in love with the city, all the goods and bads that lay within.

Stubborn and rebellious, Dash's energetic nature often gets her into trouble. Once she has an idea, it's nigh impossible to dissuade her. And even though the Teklo name has allowed her to follow her whims, she despises the rigid dullness of Metrix's upper class, and would do anything to avoid becoming just like them.

Hero Highlights

Inventor Extraordinaire

As the daughter of Teklo Industries top scientists, Dash has access to the latest technology and tools to be found in Metrix. Despite the wealth of resources at her disposal, Dash finds inspiration from experimentation with odds and ends she comes across in the Midtown Markets and junkyards beyond the city limits.

Pedal to the Metal

While Dash's parents wished their daughter would enjoy the comfort and safety of the elitist life in the spires of Teklo Industries HQ, Dash would rather strap on her steam-powered exoskeleton rig, and run amok across the midtown markets. Boost your way to victory, but keep an eye on your tank (your deck), cos there's nothing more frustrating than running out of gas with the finish line in sight!

Power of Steam

Mechanologists are driven by the pursuit of alternative energy sources to take the city of Metrix to the reaches of tomorrow and beyond! Metrix is in the age of steam, which Dash uses to power many of the contraptions she invents and uses. Steam items are able to be charged up, converting energy to steam, which can be stored for efficient future outputs.

Gotta Go Fast

Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

When not racing round the streets of Metrix, Dash can be found in the Teklo Industries workshop surrounded by trinkets, tools, and a shower of sparks. An extraordinary inventor, Dash's hero ability brings options to the table, allowing you to start the game with the latest steam powered mech tech charged and ready for action!


A young spark with an inventors flare and a wealth of resources, but could her rebellious streak be leading her 100 miles an hour down a dangerous path?

Teklo Plasma Pistol

A unique pistol developed by Teklo Industries, that is able to hold a steam charge and pop-off multiple shots in succession! Teklo Plasma Pistol is the first weapon that is not once per turn, although you do need an action point each time you attack with it.

Teklo Foundry Heart

The legendary Teklo Foundry Heart will take you the extra mile. A huge pay-off card for playing a pure Mech deck, pump the pedal to gas up on resouces and leave the opposition eating your dust.

Achilles Accelerator

Nothing like a little mechoid-muscular augmentation in the name of speed! Achilles Accelerator is your one time "get out of jail free" card, when a boost goes awry.

High Octane

Fill your tank with high octane for the biggest power plays in town! Use the action points gained from High Octane to pop-off multiple shots with Teklo Plasma Pistol.

Teklo Core

Every scientist, corporation, and basement inventor in Metrix chases the same dream to invent alternative energy sources that will power Metrix to be "The City of Tomorrow." Teklo Core is a micro version of this ambition. With Teklo Core online, Dash is able to boost out her entire hand, often without having to pitch a single card!

Maximum Velocity

There's fast, then there's maximum velocity! It takes some work to get up to speed, so look to pair this with Zero to Sixty and Teklo Core to power out your boost attacks without having to use cards from your hand to pitch.

Spark of Genius

For Dash, the brightest ideas spark in the heat of the moment! When they do, she races off to the Teklo workshop to build them right away. Spark of Genius is able to engineer whatever item you need for the job. It's especially efficient at constructing Dash's signature Teklo Core. The inventive spark is especially strong when you go High Octane!

Induction Chamber

Designed by Dash to enhance per plasma pistol, Induction Chamber uses steam technology to push rapid bursts plasma through its chamber, enabling multiple shots to be fired in quick succession.