Armory Kit Prism

3rd May 2021

Armory Kit Prism

  • 4 Iris of Reality (Cold Foil)
  • 33 Phantasmify (Rainbow Foil Extended Art - 11 of each pitch value)
  • 1 Invigorating Light playmat
  • 1 'People's Champion' playmat (1 of 8 Herald variants)
  • Prism event posters


Armory Kits set the theme of prizes for weekly Armory Events at your local game store. Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light makes her debut as the first Illusionist of Flesh and Blood, and is here to share her divine gifts with the world, starting with your Local Game Store! From May 7th, players such as yourself will have the opportunity of earning a Cold Foil version of Iris of Reality for winning their weekly Armory Event. All players in each Armory Event will also be rewarded for their FAB devotion with a Rainbow Foil Extended Art Phantasmify for participating and supporting their local community (while stocks last). One deserving player from each community will be awarded a People's Champion playmat, featuring the artwork from 1 of the 8 heralds, being rewarded to the player who has contributed the most to their local community throughout that month.

Additionally, each Local Game Store running Armory Events for the Month of May will have an Invigorating Light playmat to give away to players at their own discretion. So, please tune into how your LGS plans to share this playmat featuring one of the most stunning pieces of artwork in Monarch!

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So, what are you waiting for? Plenty of opponents are waiting on the battlefield with this month's themed Armory Events. Find an Armory Event near you with our Event Locator, and perhaps contact them in the case of in-store play being unavailable to find out about alternatives to participate.


Armory Events are the perfect way to help grow your local community of Flesh and Blood players by offering them a weekly/consistent event to play some games and earn great prizes! By signing up to host Armory Events you will be eligible to receive Armory Kits every month for free!

Sign up to GEM (Game Event Manager) today in order to start your journey in running Armory Events and growing your Flesh and Blood community!

Existing stores should contact their distributor representative on being supplied Armory Kits.

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If in-store play is not currently feasible please contact us ( for some tips and advice on how to utilise the contents of each Armory Kit.