History Pack 1 - Looking to the Future

7th Jun 2023 Legend Story Studios

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to Flesh and Blood, especially with our first three reprint booster sets - Welcome to Rathe Unlimited, Arcane Rising Unlimited, and Crucible of War Unlimited.

These iconic sets have been the bread and butter of constructed play for a few years now.

As you’re already aware, all three of these sets went officially out of print in 2021, and any remaining stock with distributors has either run out or is likely to do so soon.

We want to ensure that players and collectors can still get access to the classic cards they need moving forward, and History Pack 1 (FAB2106) is a fantastic product for making sure you’ve got everything they're looking for.

History Pack 1 Booster Box (English)

History Pack 1 contains several sought-after reprints of chase cards from previous sets that still see regular play today, such as Command and Conquer, Enlightened Strike, Art of War, Fyendal’s Spring Tunic, Mask of Momentum, Storm Striders, and more.

Command and Conquer
Enlightened Strike
Art of War
Fyendal's Spring Tunic
Mask of Momentum
Storm Striders

It’s also filled to the brim with competitive staples for both new and returning players looking to expand their card pools, such as Sink Below, Snatch, Pummel, Sigil of Solace, Energy Potion, Snapdragon Scalers, among others.

Sink Below (1)
Snatch (1)
Pummel (1)
Sigil of Solace (1)
Energy Potion
Snapdragon Scalers

With many powerful Ninja, Ranger, and specialization cards, History Pack 1 supports four of the six heroes featured in the upcoming Outsiders booster set, as well as their respective Outsiders Blitz Decks (releasing on March 24).

Red in the Ledger
Three of a Kind
Ancestral Empowerment
Salt the Wound (2)

Similarly, History Pack 1 works in tandem with the History Pack 1 Blitz Decks (releasing outside of Europe on April 7th), allowing players who pick up these decks to upgrade them with cards from History Pack 1 boosters, which they’ll also be able to use with other existing heroes.

The History Pack 1 Blitz Decks are a perfect starting point for new players, as they can either pick up a single deck, or they can purchase a display of all six and try out each of the iconic heroes against each other.

Tectonic Plating
Grasp of the Arknight
Courage of Bladehold
Metacarpus Node
Bloodrush Bellow
Induction Chamber

Players who joined up the game through last year’s Classic Battles: Rhinar vs Dorinthea will also find many relevant cards in this set to support their growing playsets.

Beast Within
Steelblade Supremacy
Spoils of War

History Pack 1 provides almost everything a player needs in one easy place, and we highly recommend stocking up on it so that your shelves are well-equipped with the essentials for the long term.

(no specific card, rarity, or type is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box, or case)