Heavy Hitters Release Celebration Promos FAQ

12th Jan 2024 Organized Play Team

The smell hits you first.

Blood… Sweat… Steel…

Feral crowds roar loud as the thumping in your chest. You step into the arena, hot sand billowing at your feet. Drinks are poured, wagers are made, weapons are drawn…

Gold and glory is yours for the taking… If you survive the Deathmatch Arena!”

Heavy Hitters Release Day Marketing (FB Post 2)

Heavy Hitters brings the biggest, strongest, hardest hitting fun to Flesh and Blood gaming tables yet! Featuring six heroes across Brute, Guardian, and Warrior classes, crossover hybrid cards, and more weapons and equipment than any draftable set before, the number of options for how you bring your fight to the arena are huge!

Heavy Hitters returns to classic big-hitting melee gameplay with three of the original four classes of Flesh and Blood. Whether it's Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, or Preconstructed Blitz Decks, Heavy Hitters is the perfect set to try Flesh and Blood for the first time!

To further celebrate this special occasion, Heavy Hitters will have Release Celebration Promos, available from eligible retailers while stocks last.

Key Info

  • Available from eligible retailers while stocks last.
  • These come in a flow wrap that contains 12 promos, 2 of each card.
  • Stores have been allocated these promos based on their Organized Play activity.
  • Check with your distributor to confirm your allocation.
  • These promos are to support in-store sales only and should not be used for online orders.
  • These should be provided as one promo card per Heavy Hitters Booster Box. However, retailers may apply per customer limits at their discretion.

What are the promos?

The promos consist of six different rainbow foil weapon cards:

  • Ball Breaker (Rainbow Foil)
  • High Riser (Rainbow Foil)
  • Hot Streak (Rainbow Foil)
  • Miller's Grindstone (Rainbow Foil)
  • Mini Meataxe (Rainbow Foil)
  • Parry Blade (Rainbow Foil)


For any information on getting your Release Celebration Promos please reach out to your preferred distributor. For any questions around the use of these promos please reach out to the team at op@FABtcg.com.

TCGplayer seller incentive

To celebrate the release of Heavy Hitters, TCGplayer are running a seller incentive for eligible certified local game stores.

Participating stores who sell $1,000 USD or more of Flesh and Blood singles through their TCGplayer account between January 5th, 2024 to March 1st, 2024 will receive a portion of the sales of the TCGplayer Flesh and Blood Heavy Hitters Collector’s Bundle as a monetary rebate!

Details of the bundle are available HERE. This is a chance for customers to get their hands on a box of Heavy Hitters booster packs, a set of Heavy Hitters Blitz Decks, and the special Test of Strength promo card!

Legend Story Studios and TCGplayer have given over $275,000 USD to local game stores through initiatives like these, and we’re happy to once again support stores while bringing Flesh and Blood to a wider audience!