April 2024 Armory Kit FAQ

15th Mar 2024 Organized Play Team

Prizes and Distribution

April 2024 Armory Kit Prize Image

April 2024 - Armory Kit (FABOP065)

2x Monstrous Viel (Cold Foil)
2x Prized Galea (Cold Foil)
11x Battered Not Broken (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
11x Slap-Happy (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
11x Take it on the Chin (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
2x Olympia, Prized Fighter Playmats
Armory Events and Marketing Posters

How to use the Armory Kit

  • Armory Kits are designed to support four weekly events. Only 1 Armory Event can be run per week.
  • Stores can run Armory events as either Competitive or Casual Play events, for more information on this please follow this link, Casual Play and Armory Kit Guidance
  • Stores can find the list of Armory event formats here, Armory Event Structure . A four-round Blitz tournament or draft pod + three rounds, will both complete within two hours.
  • Competitive events should offer either a Monstrous Viel (Cold Foil) or Prized Galea (Cold Foil) card for first place. Casual Play events may offer this prize as a random prize draw instead.
  • Each event should offer Battered Not Broken, Slap-Happy or Take it on the Chin (Rainbow Foil Extended Arts) to be distributed to top-placed players and/or as participation prizes (at your discretion).
  • One Olympia, Prized Fighter playmat is for use as People's Champion, one is for General Use.
  • The People's Champion Olympia, Prized Fighter playmat must be given as a prize to a player and/or ambassador who represents positive community spirit or as a random prize draw with entry based on Armory Event attendance during the month. They are not to be used as performance-based prizes.
  • The other Olympia, Prized Fighter playmat can be used at the discretion of the store to support their Armory Events.

April 2024 Armory Kit - Marketing Assets