Change Log - Tournament Rules and Policy

02 February 2024 [current]

3.2. Timed Rounds Explicitly added a time extension plus 3 minutes of extra time for deck-checks during the start-of-game procedure, with the caveat to not exceed the total time for the round. E.g. If the extra time would put the player’s over the total time for the round, only give them extra time so that the have a maximum of the round time to shuffle and start play. If a round is 55 minutes, the player’s should not get more than 55 minutes to complete the round even with the time extension.

3.8. Deck-Checks Added a reference to time extensions for timed-rounds when performing a deck-check.

4.2. Cards Simplified some language and clarified allowances for legal cards. Explicitly prohibited informational cards from being considered official cards. Clarified cases for legal misprints. Require players to seek approval for alters from HJ before a tournament.

4.5. Tokens Clarified language on what it means to be card-like for custom token cards. Expanded size allowance to include half-size cards for things like HVY tokens.

4.11. Electronic Device Rephrased wording, and removed heavy restriction on devices at Professional REL. Specifically, they may be used but the device must be visible and not be used for strategic advice, as per competitive REL. Players are strongly encouraged to use pen-paper still.

8.3. Sealed Deck Format Updated reference for removing extra cards for sealed procedure.

8.4. Booster Draft Format Updated reference for removing extra cards for draft procedure.

Appendix A - Organized Play Programs Added PTI and non-USA National Championship as a tournament type with a competitive REL. Clarified USA National Championship remains at professional REL. Moved Battle Hardened from Tier 2 to 3.

Appendix F - Set Specific Rules for Limited Added appendix for referencing set-specific rules for limited formats, including booster composition.

13 October 2023

1.4. Tournament Eligibility Updated to prohibit suspended players from playing in any competitive/professional REL tournament regardless of the event tier.

2.1. Roles Added that the TO may appoint tournament officials who don’t fit into the given roles. E.g. Members of the coverage team can be given the authority to pause games to call a judge.

3.7. Card-Pool Registration Added that players who submit decklists late may be subject to penalties.

3.9. Judge Calls and Appeals Added that tournament officials may pause a game and call a judge (unlike spectators).

  1. Tournament Materials Unified tokens and cards, and clarified when a card refers to a non-token card specifically.

7.2. Classic Constructed Format Updated to allow a player to have less than 80 cards in their card-pool (registered) if they want to.

7.3. Blitz Format Updated to allow a player to have less than 52 cards in their card-pool (registered) if they want to.

7.4. Living Legend Format Added new format.

8.2. Limited Card-Pool Added Bright lights as an exception to the upper limit for a player’s limited deck size.

8.4. Booster Draft Format Added strong recommendation that players in the same pod should get boosters from the same box if possible. Added an explicit clause that prohibits taking notes during a draft. Added expansion-slot cards to be included as non-draftable cards. Added verified registration procedure and clarified that self-registration should only be used when the risk is low.

Appendix C - Time Limits Updated Booster Draft and Sealed Deck recommended round limits to be the same as Blitz.

Appendix D - Tiebreakers Fixed CMP formula.

August 16, 2023

7.3. Updated Blitz format rules to allow for a 52 card-pool (arena- and deck-cards) as a result of Skirmish season 7 feedback.

July 14, 2023

4.5. Updated reference to play-space regarding where tokens should be placed.

5.6. Added definition of the play-space. Updated to exclude non-game-related objects from being in the place-space.

5.8. Updated example so meta-game information may be recorded during a game, rather than just between rounds.

8.4. Updated drafting procedure to reflect non-draftable cards, such as token-rarity and cold foils (from uprising onwards).

Appendix D - Tiebreakers Fixed issue with CMP equation where the summation needs to apply to the numerator and denominator independently before the division.

August 8, 2022

3.9 Sleeves: Added a note about the subjectivity of evaluating marked cards and that more leniency should be exercised at casual level tournaments.

6.1 Booster Draft: Updated to restrict repackaging boosters for draft to tier 4 tournaments and at LSS’s description, and that the repacking is performed by LSS.

8.4 Proxy Cards: Updated to expand proxies being issued in exceptional circumstances where it would be unreasonable for the player to acquire replacements for the marked cards, such as when a non-foil verison of the card exists but it would be unreasonable to expect the player to aquicre it during the tournament.

June 20, 2022

1.1 Tournament Types: Significant rewrite to incorporate the new casual and competitive REL.

1.3 Ratings: Updated XP and ELO sections to reflect when they are relevant in the new REL system.

1.4 Scores, Standings and Tiebreakers: Corrected Cumulative Tiebreaker to reflect the actual system used by the tiebreakers in the software.

3.4 Conceding: Updated concession policy to allow players to concede AFTER time is called, if no in-game action has been taken. Once an action is taken, the player’s are committed to finishing the game and can not concede without a good reason.

3.7 Deck Registration: Updated policy to incorporate new casual and competitive REL. Corrected requirement for 0 pitch cards to be included with 1 pitch (red) cards.

3.9 Sleeves: Updated policy to incorporate new casual and competitive REL.

4.5 Tokens: Updated policy to incorporate new casual and competitive REL.

6.1 Booster Draft: Updated policy to incorporate new casual and competitive REL. Added policy surrounding sets that contain double-faced cards and token-rarity cards other than heroes and weapons.

6.3 Deck Construction: Updated policy to include token-rarity cards other than heroes and weapons.

6.4 Token-Rarity Cards: Updated section title and policy to include token-rarity cards other than heroes and weapons.

7.3 Tournament Eligibility: Removed policy that prevented family of LSS members tournaments without special exceptions.

7.4 Banned and Suspended Players: Updated section title. Corrected section to reflect the banned and restricted statuses more accurately.

8.4 Proxy Cards: Updated paragraph to clarify that proxy cards are legal for the tournament they are issued for (by the Head Judge)

8.7 Double-Faced and Placeholder cards: Added section that covers double-faced cards.

February 11, 2022

1.1 Tournament Types: Removed 10k from Calling, as amounts differ.

1.8 GEM Player ID Number Duplication: Update policy for duplicate played gem IDs

2. Tournament Roles and Responsibilities: Added that tournament staff can not compete tier 2 tournaments and above (including tier 1 Skirmish events).

2.2 Spectator: Updated that spectators should “discreetly” call a judge when they witness an infraction, as opposed to stopping the game themselves.

2.4 Head Judge: Added that the head judge’s responsibilities also include that of a judge.

2.5 Judge: Added that a judge can pause and investigate a game if they witness an infraction and does not require a judge call from either player.

3.4 Conceding: Updated that players may now concede for any reason during a game before time is called, but must still call a judge to oversee the concession. Players can still not concede for any reason after time is called in the round. (Also updated to gender neutral language)

3.7 Deck Registration: Added that deck-lists at professional-level tournaments must be provided with full english card names. Card name monikers and abbreviations are not allowed.

3.12 Calling a Judge: Updated the section name from “Toilet Breaks” and expanded the section to include the method for calling a judge and other details..

4.1 Player Communication: Added that a player can not be forced to physically track the public information of a game state (although it is encouraged), unless by the direction of the Tournament Organizer, such as for coverage reasons.

4.5 Tokens: Added that tokens must not be under other cards if they do not exist or are not in-play and that tokens that are copies can be any non-card object within reason as long as both players know what it represents.

5.6 Outside Assistance: Updated to allow collaboration during limited events (such as before rounds), unless specified by the tournament organizer. Added that allowances to outside assistance can be made for accessibility.

6.1 Booster Draft: Updated recommendations for draft times, and specified that casual tournaments be untimed, and that the tournament organizer must declare if the draft timing in a timed draft will be run differently before the draft begins.

8.4 Proxy Cards: Added additional exception for allowance of proxy cards.

September 24, 2021

1.7 Identification: Proof of control of the associated GEM account is now a valid form of identification.

2. Tournament Representatives and Roles: Created subsections for each of the representatives and roles.

3.7 Deck Registration: Shortened “Booster draft/Sealed deck” to be “Limited”

4.2 Triggered Abilities: Minor language clarification regarding when a trigger is considered missed based on updates in the Penalty Guidelines.

3.11 Note Taking: Expanded definition of note taking and provided additional examples of both exceptions and infractions.

4.5 Tokens: Expanded the responsibilities of players to provide tokens for effects their cards generate for professional level events.

4.5.1 Seismic Surge and Tectonic Plating: Removed section to make it more generic for all tokens as a part of 4.5 Tokens.

5.6 Outside Assistance: Clarified that sideboard notes can be referred to (in the start of match procedure) up until decks are presented, and not when equipment is revealed or the hand has been drawn.

8.6 Altered Cards: Clarified that printed cards (except token typed cards) are not legal for tournament play if they are not physical modifications to official Flesh and Blood cards.

July 16, 2021

4.1 Player Communication: Updated to clarify when public information is required to be disclosed to an opponent.

4.5 Tokens: Updated to state when tokens may be present in the arena. Clarified that players should not start the game with tokens in the arena that have not yet been created (such as a Spectral Shield or Runechant) and subsequently add counters to these once they have been created.

June 1, 2021

3.9 Sleeves: Updated to welcome the use of hard plastic cases, such as "slabs" on cards that are not part of the deck zone, such as hero, weapon, and equipment cards.

6.3 Deck Construction: Updated to include talent cards (such as Light and Shadow) as card types that can be included in a deck.

6.6 Card Pool Registration / Sort and Register: Added talent to card types that must be sorted alphabetically and registered.

March 1, 2021

3.3 End of Match Procedure: The number of additional turns reduced from 3 to 1 when time is called in a round.

3.4 Conceding: Players can no longer ask for a concession after decks have been presented. If they do, they will receive a match loss in the next round of the tournament. A player who concedes after presenting their deck will be dropped from the tournament, unless there is a genuine reason why they need to stop playing the current match and they wish to potentially rejoin the tournament in a future round, or they have no way of winning the current game. Intentional draws moved to its own section 3.4a.

3.4a Intentional Draws: Players may intentionally draw a game at any time.

4.3 Player Appeals: Procedure for right of appeal added for when the Head Judge is the first responder to a judge call.

7.6 Confiscation of Materials that Infringe IP Rights: Players who are in possession of materials that infringe the IP rights of Legend Story Studios will be required to turn over possession of infringing materials to the Tournament Organizer or be DQ'd without prizes from the event.

July 3, 2020

1.2) Formats: Blitz added as an official constructed format.

1.5) Time Limits: Blitz format recommended round time added.

3.2) Start of Game Procedure: Updated to include Blitz format.

3.7) Deck Registration: Updated with the introduction of Blitz to reflect that not all constructed formats require 80 cards + 1 hero card to be registered.

February 10, 2020

**NEW 5.7) Order of Cards in Graveyards - Changing the order of cards in the graveyard to map the contents of cards remaining in a deck is not something we want as part of Flesh and Blood tournament play. It's for similar reasons that note taking is not allowed, to prevent deck mapping by recording cards as they are pitched. For this reason, section 5.7 has been added to the Tournament Rules and Policy:

A player may not change the order of cards in an opponent's graveyard.

A player may not sort or order their graveyard in a way that allows them to track the composition of cards remaining in their deck.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Sorting cards by name
  • Sorting cards by card type
  • Sorting cards by pitch value

January 31, 2020

1.2) Formats: Welcome Deck format category renamed to Special Formats. Welcome Deck is now an event type under Special Formats.

1.4) Scores, Standings and Tiebreakers: Player match loss (PML) was missing from the tie-breaker logic statement.

3.7) Deck Registration: The following has been added to make the intent explicit regarding rights and ownership of deck lists and their contents " When deck registration is required, the deck list and information contained therein becomes the property of the TO upon the player's submission of the deck list to a tournament official. A player may decline to submit a deck list. If they do, they will not be eligible to participate if the event requires deck registration."

4.1) Player Communication: "The number of cards remaining in a deck" has been added to the list of examples of what public information includes (but is not limited to).

**NEW 4.5) Tokens: At professional level tournaments, if you are playing with cards that create tokens, you are required to have the appropriate token card(s) to represent them. If your deck is able to create multiple instances of the same token, you may use a dice placed on top of the token card to represent how many of that token you control.

Non-official "fan-made" token cards can be used, as long as the token name, card type, and effect are clearly readable.

**NEW 4.5.1) Seismic Surge and Tectonic Plating: At professional level events, players who use Tectonic Plating are required to have at least two Seismic Surge token cards.

When the Seismic Surge effect triggers, the token must be placed in or next to the pitch zone until end of turn. If Tectonic Plating is activated during the same turn, a second Seismic Surge token must be put into the arena.

5.6) Outside Assistance: Tidied up to make it clearer that outside assistance is not acceptable during limited format deck construction as well as during matches.