Change Log - Tournament Rules and Policy

September 24, 2021

1.7 Identification: Proof of control of the associated GEM account is now a valid form of identification.

2. Tournament Representatives and Roles: Created subsections for each of the representatives and roles.

3.7 Deck Registration: Shortened “Booster draft/Sealed deck” to be “Limited”

4.2 Triggered Abilities: Minor language clarification regarding when a trigger is considered missed based on updates in the Penalty Guidelines.

3.11 Note Taking: Expanded definition of note taking and provided additional examples of both exceptions and infractions.

4.5 Tokens: Expanded the responsibilities of players to provide tokens for effects their cards generate for professional level events.

4.5.1 Seismic Surge and Tectonic Plating: Removed section to make it more generic for all tokens as a part of 4.5 Tokens.

5.6 Outside Assistance: Clarified that sideboard notes can be referred to (in the start of match procedure) up until decks are presented, and not when equipment is revealed or the hand has been drawn.

8.6 Altered Cards: Clarified that printed cards (except token typed cards) are not legal for tournament play if they are not physical modifications to official Flesh and Blood cards.

July 16, 2021

4.1 Player Communication: Updated to clarify when public information is required to be disclosed to an opponent.

4.5 Tokens: Updated to state when tokens may be present in the arena. Clarified that players should not start the game with tokens in the arena that have not yet been created (such as a Spectral Shield or Runechant) and subsequently add counters to these once they have been created.

June 1, 2021

3.9 Sleeves: Updated to welcome the use of hard plastic cases, such as "slabs" on cards that are not part of the deck zone, such as hero, weapon, and equipment cards.

6.3 Deck Construction: Updated to include talent cards (such as Light and Shadow) as card types that can be included in a deck.

6.6 Card Pool Registration / Sort and Register: Added talent to card types that must be sorted alphabetically and registered.

March 1, 2021

3.3 End of Match Procedure: The number of additional turns reduced from 3 to 1 when time is called in a round.

3.4 Conceding: Players can no longer ask for a concession after decks have been presented. If they do, they will receive a match loss in the next round of the tournament. A player who concedes after presenting their deck will be dropped from the tournament, unless there is a genuine reason why they need to stop playing the current match and they wish to potentially rejoin the tournament in a future round, or they have no way of winning the current game. Intentional draws moved to its own section 3.4a.

3.4a Intentional Draws: Players may intentionally draw a game at any time.

4.3 Player Appeals: Procedure for right of appeal added for when the Head Judge is the first responder to a judge call.

7.6 Confiscation of Materials that Infringe IP Rights: Players who are in possession of materials that infringe the IP rights of Legend Story Studios will be required to turn over possession of infringing materials to the Tournament Organizer or be DQ'd without prizes from the event.

July 3, 2020

1.2) Formats: Blitz added as an official constructed format.

1.5) Time Limits: Blitz format recommended round time added.

3.2) Start of Game Procedure: Updated to include Blitz format.

3.7) Deck Registration: Updated with the introduction of Blitz to reflect that not all constructed formats require 80 cards + 1 hero card to be registered.

February 10, 2020

**NEW 5.7) Order of Cards in Graveyards - Changing the order of cards in the graveyard to map the contents of cards remaining in a deck is not something we want as part of Flesh and Blood tournament play. It's for similar reasons that note taking is not allowed, to prevent deck mapping by recording cards as they are pitched. For this reason, section 5.7 has been added to the Tournament Rules and Policy:

A player may not change the order of cards in an opponent's graveyard.

A player may not sort or order their graveyard in a way that allows them to track the composition of cards remaining in their deck.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Sorting cards by name
  • Sorting cards by card type
  • Sorting cards by pitch value

January 31, 2020

1.2) Formats: Welcome Deck format category renamed to Special Formats. Welcome Deck is now an event type under Special Formats.

1.4) Scores, Standings and Tiebreakers: Player match loss (PML) was missing from the tie-breaker logic statement.

3.7) Deck Registration: The following has been added to make the intent explicit regarding rights and ownership of deck lists and their contents " When deck registration is required, the deck list and information contained therein becomes the property of the TO upon the player's submission of the deck list to a tournament official. A player may decline to submit a deck list. If they do, they will not be eligible to participate if the event requires deck registration."

4.1) Player Communication: "The number of cards remaining in a deck" has been added to the list of examples of what public information includes (but is not limited to).

**NEW 4.5) Tokens: At professional level tournaments, if you are playing with cards that create tokens, you are required to have the appropriate token card(s) to represent them. If your deck is able to create multiple instances of the same token, you may use a dice placed on top of the token card to represent how many of that token you control.

Non-official "fan-made" token cards can be used, as long as the token name, card type, and effect are clearly readable.

**NEW 4.5.1) Seismic Surge and Tectonic Plating: At professional level events, players who use Tectonic Plating are required to have at least two Seismic Surge token cards.

When the Seismic Surge effect triggers, the token must be placed in or next to the pitch zone until end of turn. If Tectonic Plating is activated during the same turn, a second Seismic Surge token must be put into the arena.

5.6) Outside Assistance: Tidied up to make it clearer that outside assistance is not acceptable during limited format deck construction as well as during matches.