Ratings Policy

To participate in an official FAB tournament, a player must have a GEM player ID. At the conclusion of the tournament, XP points are added, and ELO rating is added or removed from their GEM player ID account based on the event type and formulas set out in this document.


XP is available at all Flesh and Blood tournaments.

The winner of an official Flesh and Blood match gains 1 XP * the event type modifier. For example, an Armory Event has a x3 XP modifier. A player will gain 3 XP for each match they win.

Tier Event Type Event Level XP Modifier ELO rated (K-factor)
4 World Championship, Pro Tour Professional x3 Yes (64k)
3 National Champs*, Calling (day 2+) Professional x3 Yes (32k)
3 Calling (day 1) Competitive x3 Yes (32k)
3 Battle Hardened Competitive x6 Yes (16k)
2 Pro Quest + Competitive x6 Yes (16k)
2 Road to Nationals, Pro Quest Competitive x6 Yes (8k)
1 Skirmish Casual x6 No
1 Armory Events, Pre-release Casual x3 No
1 On-demand Casual x1 No
0 Play Anywhere Casual x0 No

ELO Rating

ELO rating is available only at tier 2 and higher tournaments. Each player’s starting ELO rating is 1500.

A player’s ELO rating is represented by a number which may change after the outcome of a ranked match. After every ranked match, the winning player takes points from their opponent. The difference in rating between the two players determine the total number of points gained and lost. If the higher rated player wins, less rating is gained than if the lower rated player wins. In the event of a draw, the lower rated player will gain rating from the higher rated player.

Rating Points Staked

In each round of ranked play, players have the opportunity to win or lose rating points. At the end of the round:

  • The winner’s rating will increase by the stake and the loser’s rating will decrease by the stake. If the stake is less than 1 point it will be rounded up to one point.
  • If the match is drawn, the higher ranked player’s ranking will decrease by the stake and the lower ranked player’s ranking will increase by the stake.
  • If the match is a double loss, the players rankings will not change.

The number of rating points at stake is based on the formula below;


* Prior to 1 March 2022, National Championships awarded 6XP per win.