Change Log - Penalty Guidelines

June 27, 2022


February 11, 2022

Whole document: Updated IP5 penalties to become IP4 penalties to reduce the insurmountable odds presented as opposed to a straight game loss.

Whole document: Updated to use non-gendered pronouns in various examples.

Quick Reference Table: Fixed, removed row about communication until future revisions define it specifically, and updated penalties to correct values.

September 24, 2021

1.1 Correction: Updated Correction to Caution to be consistent with terminology used in the rest of the document.

1.3 Intellect Penalty - Minor (IP2) / Major (IP5): Modified how IP penalties work for the players starting second at the beginning of the game. IP counters are reduced by one whenever you draw to the hero’s intellect (except the very first draw during the start of game procedure (section 12.8 of the Comprehensive Rules.)).

1.4 Game Loss: Added result of a game loss penalty for both players.

2.1 Missed Trigger: Rewritten and reformatted the section to be easy to read and navigate. Clarifications on what is considered a missed trigger, especially regarding rule-sharking.

2.3 Hidden card error: Expanded section to cover alternative cases of hidden card errors, such as picking up arsenal or intimidated cards. Changed the fix for both Casual and Professional.

2.4 Games Rule Violation: Changed turn cycle, to “same turn” or “not the same turn” to avoid ambiguity with the definition of turn cycle.

2.5 Failure to maintain game state: Minor grammar fix.

3. Tournament Errors: Fixed list of contents.

3.8 Insufficient shuffling: Removed Pile Shuffling as process for sufficiently randomizing a deck. Change pronouns to be gender neutral.

3.19 Rules Sharking: Added new section detailing Rule Sharking examples and penalties. This was previously covered under Unsportsmanlike Conduct, but now has its own section.

July 16, 2021

2.1) Missed Trigger:

  • Updated to clarify that a Missed Detrimental Trigger is considered to be a Games Rule Violation.
  • Updated to clarify that a player cannot intentionally miss a trigger with a beneficial effect.

2.4) Games Rule Violation: Updated Casual and Professional Fix wording for clarity (no functional change).

May 24, 2021

3.18) Conceding: Added to clarify what to do when a concession is requested or offered during a match.

December 1, 2020

Tournament tier table - Updated with new programs.

February 10, 2020

3.5) Presenting an illegal deck: Added to clarify what to do if an illegal deck is presented at the beginning of a game.

3.9) Improper shuffling: Added to clarify what to do if a deck has been shuffled when it shouldn't have been.

February 5, 2020

1.3) Intellect Penalty - Minor (IP2) / Major (IP5): Updated to clarify how IP penalties work when issued before a game begins . "If an IP penalty is issued to a player before a game begins, the number of cards that player starts the game with in their hand, will be affected by the IP penalty."