Functional Errata

The following cards have received functional errata.

Seeds of Agony

With the implementation of the Comprehensive Rules on May 14, 2021 it became apparent there was a need to tighten up syntax around when attack effects trigger that are not dependent on chain link resolution, including cards like Seeds of Agony which add an effect to an attack.

For clarity and consistency, future printings of cards with attack effects that trigger during the attack step are templated "When you attack..."

This errata makes Seeds of Agony function differently than it's original printing, in the instance when multiple Seeds are Agony effects are applied to the same attack action card. The errata makes each Seeds of Agony effect a separate triggered effect of the attack action card. Eg. If you have played two Seeds of Agony this turn, then attack with Scar for a Scar, two separate triggered effects dealing 1 arcane damage each will be added to the chain. This means a single instance of arcane barrier 1 would be able to prevent the arcane damage from each of the Seeds of Agony triggered effects.


You may play Seeds of Agony from your banished zone.

The next attack action card with cost 2/1/0 or less you play this turn gains "When you attack with this, deal 1 arcane damage to target hero."

Go again

Blood Debt (At the beginning of your end phase, if Seeds of Agony is in your banished zone, lose 1{h}.)

Seeds of Agony (1)
Seeds of Agony (2)
Seeds of Agony (3)

Vestige of Sol

The intention of this card is to enable 4 cost cards, such as Prism's Light Illusionist auras, to be played by pitching a single "blue" card. We simply made a mistake with the original syntax of this card, which should have been templated as a replacement effect, not a triggered effect, to achieve the intended purpose of this card.


If a card has been put into your hero's soul this turn, whenever you pitch a Light card, instead gain that many {r} plus 1.

Blade Break (If you defend with Vestige of Sol, destroy it when the combat chain closes.)

Vestige of Sol

Non-functional Errata

The following cards have received non-functional errata.

Become the Arknight

The function of Become the Arknight was not clear when printed as modal card if you chose not to or could not discard a card. All Unlimited printings of this card feature the card effect in its non-modal form, which cleaned up what happens if you don't discard a card.

Become the Arknight
Become the Arknight