Step 3 - Pre-releases, Skirmish and beyond


Pre-release events bring your community together, to play great games and crack packs of the latest set before the release date.

Pre-release events are awarded to GEM registered stores. Stores are selected using a number standards including how many events have you run, how many active players are in your area, the level of support we have seen from your store. Pre-release stores are provided pre-release bundles which include exclusive playmats, Cold Foil cards and 1st edition boosters.

For more information on this years Tales of Aria Pre-release FAQ


Skirmish Logo

Skirmish events give your players a chance for high level play with exclusive event prizes. Skirmish events don't offer qualification to higher tier events but are a stepping stone for players looking for high level play in-store. Like pre-release events these events are allocated to select GEM registered stores. To receive an event you need to be a top performing store in your area.

Road to Nationals

Road to Nationals B&W

Currently the highest level of events available for in-store play. Road to Nationals events are run by only select stores and require a judge for the event. To receive an event you need to be a top performing store in your area. In addition these events offer high level prizes support and support for your Judge team. These events offer qualification to the top 4 players to their countries Nationals events. For more information on this years Road to Nationals FAQ


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Details to come in 2022...