Step 1 - How to stock Flesh and Blood


Step 1 - How to stock Flesh and Blood

We are excited that you want to become a part of the Flesh and Blood community. We love supporting local game stores like yourself.

Please read our Retailer Supply Policy to see if you are eligible to sell our products Retailer Supply Policy

If you fit within the guidelines please check out the link to get in touch with your closest distributor Official FAB Distributors

Once you have obtained a supply of our products and are interested in hosting events, please sign up for a GEM account. GEM is our account and event management system. Once signed up it will list you on our official store locator and your events in our event locator. To sign up for GEM follow this link GEM Registration for LGS. Please note some distributors may require you to have a GEM registration in order to receive Flesh and Blood product.

Check step 3 for for details on GEM sign up.

Please note, you need to choose the correct distributor for your territory. If your not sure who that is check here Official FAB Distributors

Thanks again and please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions at