Slingshot Underground

Followers of our 2018 pre-announcement campaign, known as Slingshot Underground, received a Christmas card with an Ironrot equipment artist proof and our first official playmat.

Ironrot Helm
Ironrot Chest
Ironrot Gauntlet
Ironrot Legs


  • Ironrot Plate (then known as Ironrot Chest) and Ironrot Gauntlet are misprinted. We realized this after packing and sealing over half of the mail-out!
  • Blade Break is printed as if it were a non-consistent effect, ie. it's typed out in full (like crush effects). Blade Break is a consistent effect, which is why in Welcome to Rathe the effect of Blade Break is printed as italic reminder text, with Blade Break simply being a keyword.
  • These promos are artists proofs and as such have white card backs and slightly different card stock from cards you would find in a booster pack.
  • At this point of time, we hadn't realized we wanted to differentiate the card frame of our legendary equipment from other equipment. You may notice these promos have gold detailing on the frame, which we eventually worked out is a legendary only thing. There is one other instance of this in an official product. Do you know which card has gold embellishment that shouldn't?