Road to Nationals

The path to greatness begins July 2nd! We've partnered with over 300 local game stores around the world to host events for the 2022 season of Road to Nationals events, providing players with the opportunity to qualify for the upcoming National Championships. Road to Nationals will feature Classic Constructed and Uprising Draft, so check out the event locator below to secure your shot at becoming the next National Champion in your region!

Road to Nationals FB Cover - Fai

Each Road to Nationals event offers four qualification spots, plus a range of Cold Foil and Rainbow Foil prizes. The season will run from July 2nd to July 24th, and events are open to all players, with the Top 4 claiming their invitation to their National Championship.


  • 4 x National Championship Qualifications - awarded to the Top 4 of each event
  • 1 x Iyslander Cold Foil Adult Hero card - awarded to the winner of each event
  • 8 x Random Drop Fai or Dromai Cold Foil Adult Hero cards - awarded to the Top 8 of each event
  • 24 x Rainbow Foil Extended Art promo cards - awarded to 9th-32nd place players at each event


Date: July 2nd-July 24th
Format: Classic Constructed or Uprising Draft
Eligibility: Open entry
Rules Enforcement Level (REL): Competitive

Can I qualify in another country for Nationals?

You can qualify by playing in a Road to Nationals event in any country, but you can only play in the National Championship of the country you are registered to, and can only play in one National Championship.

Can I play in more than one Road to Nationals if I'm already qualified from a previous event?

Yes, you are allowed to play in multiple events, even if you're already qualified.

If I qualify more than once does it pass down or can I give it to a friend?

These do not pass down and can not be given to another player.

My GEM Account has the wrong country listed. How do I get this changed?

You can write to and provide an explanation of the situation and why a change is needed. The team will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

When will details of the National Championships be announced?

We will announce more information on the 2022 National Championships once the details are confirmed with our event partners.

When is the cutoff for 90-day XP qualifications for National Championships?

The cutoff for the 90-day XP qualification period will be Monday, July 25th at 11:59pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).