Battle Hardened: Columbus

The Battle Hardened series returns to Columbus! From October 21-23, you can join the action starting with a Super Armory event on Friday, leading into the main Battle Hardened tournament on Saturday, followed by a Team Sealed event on Sunday. The Realm Games is hosting this special Battle Hardened event as part of their Fall Brawl, with a Halloween-themed cosplay contest, various side events, an after party, and an Alpha box giveaway as part of the weekend.

To see more information about the event stream, various side events Realm Games are hosting, and more, you can check out their website here, as well as a brief primer located at the bottom of this page.

Quick Details

Date: Friday October 21st - Sunday October 23rd
Venue: The Levee at Columbus, 670 Harmon Ave, Columbus, OH 43223
Registration: Tickets available here
Hosted by: The Realm Games

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Super Armory - Friday October 21st

The weekend begins with a Super Armory event. Normally, an Armory Kit is provided to stores to support a full month of in-store events, but at a Super Armory, the full contents of a kit are used for one single event, meaning that all Top 8 players get prizes, instead of just the winner! The prizes for this event include Cold Foil Promos and official Flesh and Blood playmats.

Event Details

Format: Blitz Constructed
Entry Fee: USD10 (includes free pizza for players)
Venue: Beyond the Board Games, 249 W Bridge St, Dublin, OH 43017
Registration: Please contact Beyond the Board games on (614)-553-7677 to reserve your spot!
Prizes: Armory Kit prizes, plus The Realm Games and Beyond the Board Games are adding in 2 Uprising Booster Boxes to the prize pool.
Time: 6:30pm

Battle Hardened Facebook Post

Battle Hardened - Saturday October 22nd

The path to the biggest stage in Flesh and Blood TCG Organized Play begins with a Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI), and one of the best places to secure these prized assets is Battle Hardened. Players will have the opportunity to battle it out for their share of USD10,000** in cash prizes, exclusive Battle Hardened series playmats to the Top 8, a Golden Cold Foil Legendary card to the Champion, and coveted Professional Tournament Invites (PTIs) to both the winner and runner-up. You read that correctly, there is not one but two PTIs on offer at Battle Hardened!

PTIs can be used to enter any Professional level tournament (including Pro Tours and the World Championship) and do not expire, whereas invitations from the in-store ProQuest series are only valid for their associated Pro Tour event.

**In addition to the USD2,000 provided by Legend Story Studios, The Realm Games have very generously added an additional USD8,000 to the prize pool to bring it a total of USD10,000!

Event Details

Format: Classic Constructed
Entry Fee: USD55 (early bird) or USD65 on the day
Registration: Tickets and event packages available here
REL: Competitive
Venue: The Levee at Columbus, 670 Harmon Ave, Columbus, OH 43223

  • 8:00 am - Doors open
  • 9:30 am - Player meeting
  • 9:35 am - Round 1 begins

Decklists are required and will be collected before Round 1 begins.

This event is open-entry (anyone is welcome to play!)


  • Swiss
    • Swiss rounds are 50 + 5 minutes in length
    • 7 rounds (to be finalized based on player numbers) of Classic Constructed (followed by cut to Top 8)
  • Top 8 Playoff
    • Classic Constructed

Top 8

Top 8 playoff matches will have no time limit. (Players are still expected to play at a normal pace and complete playoff matches in a reasonable amount of time.)

In the Top 8, the player that finished higher in the Standings during the Swiss rounds chooses either to play first or second


1st USD4500 + Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI + Battle Hardened Series Exclusive Playmat
2nd USD2000 + PTI + Battle Hardened Series Exclusive Playmat
3rd-4th USD500 + Battle Hardened Series Exclusive Playmat
5th-8th USD225 + Battle Hardened Series Exclusive Playmat
9th-16th USD100
17th-32nd USD60

Team Sealed - Sunday October 23rd

Event Details

Format: Team Sealed
Entry Fee: USD130 (per team)
Registration: Tickets available here
REL: Competitive
Venue: The Levee at Columbus, 670 Harmon Ave, Columbus, OH 43223

  • 9:00 am - Doors open
  • 10:00 am - Player meeting
  • 11:30 am est. - Round 1 begins

This event is open-entry (anyone is welcome to play!)


1st USD720
2nd USD330
3rd-4th USD180
5th-8th USD150

Additional Info (Side Events, Streaming, and more)

Cosplay Contest

On top of the events listed, The Realm Games will also be hosting a Halloween-themed Cosplay Contest with a prize pool of USD1,000!


Interested in following the action? They've got you covered, with the Main Event being livestreamed on The Realm Gaming's Twitch Channel. Casters will include: Matt "Flake" di Marco, Derek "Charm3r" Oswalt, Brendan Patrick, and more.

Card Alters and Content Creators

Mara will also be on site for card alters, as well as content creators such as Flesh and Pod, Fresh and Buds, Instantcast, Pitch Perfect (Elaine), and Ethan van Sant.