Vagabond Road to Nationals

Flesh and Blood's first Road to Nationals event kicked off on Saturday at Vagabond, in Auckland, New Zealand, with twenty-two players stepping up to the plate. The meta breakdown saw Dash and Katsu neck and neck, with 6 players each, followed by Rhinar at 3 players, and Bravo and Dorinthea with 2 players a-piece.

Mechanologist 6 Warrior 2
Ninja 6 Wizard 1
Brute 3 Runeblade 1
Guardian 2 Ranger 1

vagabond r2n group shot

vagabond r2n tournament underway

When the dust settled, the Top 8 emerged. Katsu came out on top with 3 players, Dash came second with 2, while Rhinar, Bravo, and Dorinthea were all represented with 1 player each. With the exception of our Mechanologist, this Road to Nationals event was dominated by the heroes of Welcome to Rathe.

However, only one hero could take the crown...

vagabond r2n winner shot

A special congratulations to the winner of Vagabond's Road to Nationals event, resident mechanologist Jacob Pearson!

The final Top 8 ranks of the event were as follows:

  1. Jacob Pearson - Dash
  2. Matt Rogers - Dash
  3. Karol Ruszkiewicz - Rhinar
  4. Tom Penny - Dorinthea
  5. Cayle McCreath - Bravo
  6. Jordan Nelson-Fussell - Katsu
  7. Kieran McEntegart - Katsu
  8. Ash Singh - Katsu

vagabond r2n playmat ring shot


vagabond r2n player shot

A huge thank you to likebuttermedia for photos of the day. You can also find unofficial coverage of the event on their fleshandbloodtcg instagram page.