Cat FootPrints Toufen Road to Nationals

Thirty-five Flesh and Blood players gathered at Cat FootPrints Toufen last Saturday to play and compete for unique prizes and invitations to the Taiwan Flesh and Blood National Championship. The metagame in Taiwan looks to even out, with Brute, Ranger, and Wizard being underrepresented.

Guardian 7 Runeblade 5
Warrior 6 Wizard 3
Mechanologist 5 Brute 2
Ninja 5 Ranger 2


Top 8

Half of the contenders after the Swiss rounds are repeated invitees, leaving 4 new players to earn their invitation to the Taiwan National Championship!



A special congratulations to the winner of Cat FootPrints Toufen's Road to Nationals event, Oh Oh!

  1. Oh Oh - Dorinthea Ironsong (Warrior)
  2. Fan Keng Hsu - Katsu, the Wanderer (Ninja)
  3. Yongzhao Shang - Rhinar, Reckless Rampage (Brute)
  4. Sheng Chieh Hsu - Bravo, Showstopper (Guardian)
  5. Kung-Nan Huang - Kano, Dracai of Aether (Wizard)
  6. Wang Chung Chi - Dorinthea Ironsong (Warrior)
  7. Shu FuChun - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire (Mechanologist)
  8. HsiuTe Li - Dorinthea Ironsong (Warrior)

What was in the envelope?