Cat FootPrints Playground Road to Nationals

Flesh and Blood's fourth Road to Nationals event kicked-off on Saturday at Cat Footprints Playground, in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, with twenty-eight players ready for a day full of competitive combat and great games! The metagame breakdown displayed Ninja and Guardian well ahead of the other classes in terms of representation at over 45% between them! Each other class had a pretty even showing, with Warrior being the slight favorite of the underdogs.

Ninja 7 Brute 2
Guardian 6 Ranger 2
Warrior 4 Runeblade 2
Mechanologist 3 Wizard 2


When the day came drawing to an end after the Swiss rounds of gameplay, the Top 8 emerged. Ninja, Mechanologist, and Warrior shared equal seats of 2 apiece, leaving a room for an independent Brute and cast-out Wizard.

The quarterfinals saw the tragic loss of the Brute and Wizard wildcards as well as a Ninja and Warrior. Dash the Mechanologist is at large for the semifinals bracket.

The Warrior was put to the sword and one of the Mechanologists run out of steam. It's a Ninja vs Mechanologist finals.

Both of these classes attempt to prove their mettle by being the fastest and agile combatants around, but only one can win this race!


The Cat FootPrints Playground Store Manager with the Champion, Fan Keng Hsu, and the official Judge for the tournament, Alice.

A special congratulations to the winner of Cat FootPrints Playground Road to Nationals event is, the master of knives and quick combos, Fan Keng Hsu!

The final Top 8 ranks of the event were as follows:

  1. Fan Keng Hsu - Katsu the Ninja!
  2. Shan Yuan Chiu - Dash the Mechanologist
  3. Shu Fuchun - Dash the Mechanologist
  4. Oh Oh - Dorinthea the Warrior
  5. Yongzhao Zhang - Rhinar the Brute
  6. Chih Wei Hunag - Dorinthea the Warrior
  7. Kung-Nan Huang - Kano the Wizard
  8. Yu Lain Lin - Katsu the Ninja


Fan Keng Hsu was rewarded for his victory with a random Gold Cold Foil Legendary prize card sealed in a black envelope --- Braveforge Bracers was opened!